Sony gets its video game mojo working

"Sony has a lot of energy, and they are riding a wave that they haven't ridden in many years,"

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Thatguy-3101794d ago

Everyone likes a comeback story. Sony will be back on top this generation.

xHeavYx1794d ago

I think Sony has had momentum for a while now, selling more than the 360 in the US was just the cherry on top of the cake

ZHZ901794d ago

The Greatness of PS4 Awaits.

miyamoto1793d ago

We ain't seen nothing yet.

It will be a major shake up and industrial revolution when the Play Saviour 4 arrives.

The PS3 is just 15 million shy of surpassing the Wii and when that happens the PS3 will be the undisputed king of this generation in terms of quality & quantity.

Couple that with PS Vita TV how the competition can cope with that is beyond me.

U R Not Read-E

Xperia Play 2

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darthv721794d ago

Just like everyone likes an underdog story. sony was once the underdog and really turned heads. I wouldnt say they are the underdog again but they are poised for a comeback.

Every company needs at least one comeback in their scrap book.

get_real1793d ago

@ZH90....the way things are going atm it looks like Greatness will have to wait for its turn.

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BlackTar1871794d ago

Sony - Wii is on top worldwide thought for HD consoles.

It just took awhile after flooding the market with stupid quotes for ps3

isa_scout1794d ago

The Wii isn't an HD console.

BlackTar1871793d ago

Sony -Wii Minus Wii not sony thru Wii.

cellfluid1793d ago

When did Sony fall? Xbox 360 only sold more units because it had a HIGH failure rate!! Meaning that when one broke another was bought n so on n so on.... It's sad that critical analysis is a dieing art in the land of America.. I fear for generations to come if they follow suit....

Wanderlei7771793d ago


-Losing well over $8 billion on the ps3, more than their ps1/2 profits combined.
-Losing $2 billion plus on the Vita
-Getting destroyed by Samsung and LG in consumer electronics,
-Apple destroyed them with the iPod and iPhone

Sony's market cap value 1/10 of what it was 10 years. They have crippling debt running over 90% and are liquidating assets left and right just to keep the lights on.

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Dwalls11711794d ago

Yea they are looking pretty good.. beating MS in US preorder numbers in insane I see sony selling about 2 million more units then MS by december 31st this year

MS is doing ok tho..numbers are still good

PlayStation_41794d ago

especially when you consider the fact that the PS4 is insanely hard to pre-order now & get it before christmas

Grave1794d ago

They are doing great for sure. Also, they've been handed some serious gifts with Microsoft's many and continuing fumbles with their messaging.

obelix011794d ago

I just don't like the games on ps4. They dont excite me. The only exclusive I find interesting is The Order 1886. Eventually I will get a ps4 but only when its been out awhile & the pickings aren't so slim for games. In the mean time I will enjoy the X1.

ABeastNamedTariq1794d ago


Enjoy! Next gen is almost here!

sobekflakmonkey1794d ago

if that's your cup of tea, that's cool, I gave you an agree, I'm all for PS4 and PC, but still, if the games are not in your taste, then roll with the X1, sa'll good bro.

QuickdrawMcgraw1794d ago

I find myself doing the opposite of obelix01.PS4 first as I know by past practice Sony will serve up exclusives for the PS4 through out it's life cycle.And eventually getting a Xbox1 once of have seen at least 4 or 5 yrs of support.

GBELKIN11794d ago

I think you need to see Killzone Shadowfall in action. This is the best looking next gen game on the PS4. Knack which is also an exclusive looks decent but it doesn't look like a next gen game. There is a 20 minute video on N4G in 1080p which looks great & the game went gold today which means there will be no delay.

Omegasyde1794d ago


Don't judge a system by it launch games but on it's pedigree. I don't plan on having the system for only
"the first few months".

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