The PlayStation 4 controller: What could’ve been (part 1)

The PlayStation 4 was controller was almost … weird — something perhaps better suited as science-fiction movie prop than for playing God of War. No buttons? Strange round shapes? The engineers and hardware designers at Sony really tried rethinking the design of the upcoming console’s primary input device — no bad ideas in a brainstorm and all that.

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Sadie21001733d ago

I would love to see a spherical, button-less PS4 controller. What the heck is that about?

JeffGrubb1733d ago

How do I use -- or where do I stick -- a spherical, button-less PS4 controller? And does it come with a lubricating gel?

Apex131733d ago

Yet people laughed at the Nintendo vitality censor? Confused .com

americanGTA1733d ago

I wanted that too, but next time you play PS, imagine if it had touch sense. It would be 10x harder. Do you use a smart phone with out looking at the screen?

1733d ago
iliimaster1733d ago

honestly just off looks it woulda been cool do go away from the ps1, ps2,ps3 design tiny changes throughout them all but the basic layout the same... it woulda been nice and is it me but im in cali and the commercial with those two guys singing o what a perfect day commercial does nothing for me and is annoying ? they can do so much better to promote the ps4

Hicken1733d ago

I'm not sure I can decipher that. Anybody got an English translation?

iliimaster1733d ago

? really go practice falling down

Hicken1732d ago

I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?

iliimaster1732d ago

how did u do ? i bet u did good at falling down

jounceman1733d ago

The Dual-Shock 4 is still short 6 to 8 buttons...gosh darn-it...

MAULxx1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I think they got the controller nailed down good.
The only thing I could think of they could have done is basically combine the DS4 & move controller. A DS4 with move functionality if you will. The controller could detach in the middle breaking away into two pieces, having the L part of the controller in the left hand & the R part in the right. This would allow you to play more comfortably as well as play motion games. Reattach for traditional gaming.
Maybe wouldn't be able to have a touch pad with this set up but it would have been interesting.