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MKGaming - "Sonic Lost World, one of the first fully fledged 3D Sonic games to launch on a handheld, is also available on the Wii U, albeit with a different developer and different levels. Even with these differences there's also a few things they have in common, for example the story. Dr. Robotnik - or Dr. Eggman to give him his rather boring in-game name - is up to no good again and has hired some help from a bunch of colourful baddies to take out Sonic. The story won't exactly pull you away from something like, Breaking Bad, but it does a job, unfortunately the way it's conveyed on the 3DS version of the game is simply awful."

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Abriael1795d ago

Oh Sonic... where have you gone?

Auron1795d ago

They need to get rid of this green eyed imposter and bring back the hedgehog that was all attitude.

1795d ago