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Battlefield 4 Anthem Trailer

Second TV commercial for EA and DICE's upcoming FPS Battlefield 4 (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Ashunderfire86  +   333d ago
This trailer keeps the hype going. I feel like drinking Redbull, and Monster together while playing this game getting super excited! I love it.
KING85  +   333d ago
LOL! That's quite a combination you would have there. I have mine preordered for PC and going to get it for PS4. Multiplayer looks great!
Abriael  +   333d ago
I like the trailer, not the narration. The dude's really awkward.
awesomeisjayell  +   333d ago
Your heart will explode after the first death lol.
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BigShotSmoov007  +   333d ago
I love it and that song always makes me want to pick up my controller. I can't wait to get it on the 22nd. Definitely my most anticipated game for launch.
venom06  +   333d ago
man... CAN NOT WAIT to play this...
seantiticombs  +   333d ago
epic!!!!!!. am really just getting into fps. am getting KZSF, BF4 and COD. any advise?
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Bolts  +   333d ago
BF 4 and never look back. Nothing else can come close in term of epic, crazy omfg multiplayer moments.

For graphics, get KZSF to show off your system. CoD is a distant third though it is very noob friendly.
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Omegasyde  +   333d ago
Gotta give credit where credit is due.....

Call of Duty Ghost will be the only launch game with 4-player split screen.

(I am getting BF4 day 1, but it would be awesome if there was split screen option)
infectedaztec  +   333d ago
While I'm getting a next gen console for BF4, I"ve always been an FPS guy. Titanfall looks innovative enough so will be next on my list. After that I'm happy to wait for destiny and the witcher 3
Feralkitsune  +   333d ago
Pick up a grammar book.
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seantiticombs  +   333d ago
@bolts, thanks. i already preordered them kzsf, bf4 and call of duty. the reason why i think am getting cod is to improve my aiming cos i know is fast paced. is that a good idea cos i really suck at multiplayer.
LeoDDestroyer  +   333d ago
Well I don't think you can go wrong with getting all three. You just got to let everyone come over and play.
Omegasyde  +   333d ago
Now that Cod is 60 FPS on next gen, it will be an easier transition. Well except Call of Duty tends to have way less recoil and has 1-stroke knife kills.
snipermk0  +   333d ago
Game looks really interesting. I wanna try commander mode.
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Akuma2K  +   333d ago
If that BF4 commercial doesn't get you more hyped for the game than you already are, shame on you.....lol

I can't wait to play BF4, my PS3 died during the BF4 beta (R.I.P PS3 2006-2013') and i didn't get a new one because i'm all tapped out from my PS4, BF4, NFS Rivals and Madden 25 all being pre-ordered and paid off (i'm all next gen now).....I also had Driveclub, The Crew and Watchdogs paid off too before they got delayed but that's ok, just 3 more games i don't have to worry about paying for when I get them next year.
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