PlayStation Launch Titles Compared (PS1, PS2, PS3 & PS4) Which Sony console wins in this area?

PS4Home: "Needless to say, the PlayStation brand has had no shortage of great titles in its catalog."

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ZBlacktt1763d ago

Given the amount of development that goes into today's games. I'd say the PS4 without a doubt. Now it's 500,600, 1000 man dev crews, multi studios, motion capture models, real life actors and huge budgets. They've advanced so far that if you were there for all 3 launches. You'd take one look at a PS4 Next Gen game and just go Once you've seen them,played them in person on a big nice tv. I did....

Mikeyy1763d ago

How could you forget "the summoner" for ps2? And ready to rumble..