Hands-On Impressions of the Xbox One (Quarter Disorder)

Quarter Disorder played the Xbox One and some of its games for several hours, which launches in North America on Nov. 22. Even with the limited scope of the gameplay available, the launch games might change your perspective on Microsoft’s upcoming console.

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Lalanana1793d ago

"Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct and Battlefield 4 should give the Xbox One a strong start"

I also believe so.


but battlefield is also on the ps4,this guy talks as if it's a xbox exclusive.

malokevi1792d ago

But Battlefield is DOPE, so who cares?

1792d ago
Automatic791793d ago

Xbox One can't wait for the games ahead. 1 month feels to long. LOL

BobBelcher1792d ago

Both consoles are great, for the most part they're both pretty well balanced. Both have different strong points which is good.

Budobear1792d ago

In every Xbox1 thread so far Ryse has been wheeled out as the game with the best graphics ever, yet this guy says

During gameplay Ryse looks better than Xbox 360 but not quite the full leap over to a next-gen release.

What happened?

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Hufandpuf1792d ago

It's mostly likely an old build. I played Ryse and I liked the graphics but wasn't blown away. I'm betting the finished build will be very different.

That goes for every other game there, Dead Rising 3 being the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time, to Forza 5 being the least graphically impressive.

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