'High-end' Battlefield mobile game in the works

"We are working on a mobile game of Battlefield that will be high-end and high-performance,"

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Neonridr1609d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

zeal0us1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

High-end mobile games aren't that hard to make just ask Gameloft.

They already made an mobile version of the frostbite engine. So I can see a mobile version of Battlefield. Though visually I don't it will be an big deal. Given the size limit for iOS and Android games, there's only so much they can do. Also don't think its worth EA's time or money to be honest.

Even after this is release I don't see a lot of BF player running to this game.

PoSTedUP1609d ago

will deff take advantage of Nvidia shield. hopefully it comes out on ps mobile? if thats even possible?

ExPresident1609d ago

I'd rather not. It'll be like the Battlefield Play 4 Free version or w/e that nickles and dimes you to no end. Forget that.

1609d ago
dcj05241609d ago

Make it for VITA PLEZ I BEG YOU.