Turtle Beach on PS4 Headset Compatability: PX4 Works Right Away; Others Require Firmware Update

If you were still a little confused about which Turtle Beach headsets will work with the PlayStation 4, we’ve placed a quick guide below to help you out, based on information from Turtle Beach. - PSLS

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xHoii1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

So basically those with the px5 or other models are screwed?
If that's the case then it's either time for a new headset or just use the px5 for audio and tuck in the ps4s ear bud which comes with every system for chat inside that of the px5s..
Just wish it was easier

Eonjay1796d ago

I'm in the market for a Headset myself. I am tempted to get the PX4 (works out the box = no waiting). And they look great!

1796d ago
123pol1796d ago

http://speechrecsolutions.c... or just buy one of these and use any computer headset or any wired headset. :/ and it automaticly becomes wireless thanks to the controller.

SuperBlur1796d ago

Uh what is that and how can it play game sound through the controller?

123pol1796d ago

its a 2 plug audio/mic converter witch converts 2 jacks to one 3.5 mm jack. witch is the same as the jack in the controller. and the 3.5 mm jack in the controller is a audio out jack and a mic input jack. so you dont need chords to the tv or the ps4 .

SuperBlur1796d ago

did my own little research , as of now i cannot find confirmation that the controller can output game audio and make use of voice chat at the same time.

AiirJordann231796d ago

I have the astro a50 need a update for ps4 soon

Omar911796d ago

:( my pulse headset won't work at launch????

Game4life1796d ago

fcuk.... i love my px5 too. I just got it in januray

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