Shin’en is set to Reveal Their new Wii U game “in days”

Shin’en has confirmed via Twitter, that they will be revealing their new Wii U game " days, rather than weeks.” Get the full quote past the link.

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Neonridr1759d ago

Looking forward to seeing what they are cooking up.

ritsuka6661759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Looking forward to Nano Assault Neo 2 on Wii U.

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

darthv721759d ago

it would be sweet if it was a new iridion or nanostray or perhaps a next gen wipeout-esq fast racing league title.

whatever it is, it will most assuredly use the wii-u gamepad for 2nd screen/off tv play.

1759d ago
3-4-51758d ago

Yea anything for the Wii U is good at this point.

R00bot1758d ago

Shin'en isn't just "anything", they are king at getting the most out of hardware. Just looks at Jett Rocket on the Wii Shop, that game looks as good as Mario Galaxy, but is limited by the measly download caps the original Wii had (42mb or something).
Look at Nano Assault Neo on the Wii U, that game only used one core and looks better than most PS360 games anyway.

Whatever they show will probably blow anything we've seen on the Wii U out of the water.

Imonaboat11759d ago ShowReplies(6)
Trago13371759d ago

Considering how much they talk about the Wii U's graphical capabilities, this should be an interesting reveal.

And they're using a new engine if I'm not mistaken.

R00bot1758d ago

As I said in a post earlier, Shin'en are king at getting the most out of hardware.

Jett Rocket on the Wii, used only 42mb and looked almost as good as mario galaxy and Nano Assault Neo used only one of the Wii U's cores and looked better than most PS360 games.

Whatever they show will probably blow everything we've seen on the Wii U out of the water, considering they haven't got any of those previous limits now, and they're running a new engine.

RAFFwaff1759d ago

re-vamped f-zero GX would be great. They definitely could be trusted with that.

AKR1759d ago

They basically created their own FZ-clone. Check out "FAST: Racing League" on WiiWare.

RAFFwaff1758d ago

i know what they've created. i dont want a 'clone' as you put it. i want F-Zero, and these guys, because of said clone, could be trusted with it. This was my point.

RicardJulianti1758d ago

They once said on Twitter that if Nintendo offered them F-Zero they would be honored, but decline.

They want to make their own legendary game first before tackling something like that. Whatever it is they are making, I'm hyped for it. It'll actually take advantage of the hardware unlike Nano Assault Neo (by their own admittance).....brand new engine, tesselation, optimized, use more than 1 CPU core.

Possibly 1080p/60fps if we are lucky considering they got NAN running at 1080p but scaled it back to include more effects. It was also 60fps during 2 player with one on the TV and one on the screen...which is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.