Destructoid- Preview: Daylight scared the sh*t out of me

DT:Daylight? More like Darklight. Because it's so fu*king dark in here and I can't god damn see and there are fu*king ghosts everywhere god damn it Hamza why did you make me preview this game.

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gusgusjr1731d ago

mmmm, really hope survival horror is on the rise again. Just wish these horror titles (evil within) were coming out now. Would love to have them for the cold long winter ahead, instead of the bright spring and summer of next year.

1731d ago
sprinterboy1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Looking fwd to this, got kz4, bf4, blacklight, resogun, war thunder to look fwd too day 1, contrast looks interesting and will obviously give warframe a chance. I wonder what Xmas psn demos their will be if any?

Edit: is planetside 2 available on launch

Skate-AK1731d ago

Not at launch. It is in the launch window though.

DigitalRaptor1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

It's great what indie developers can achieve on a lower budget.

Besides The Evil Within and Dying Light, I think my survival horror fix will be supplied by indie devs this gen. I hope Sony gets the Siren team together to make another one.

1731d ago