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Batman: Arkham Origins Review | 148Apps

Like Arkham City Lockdown before it, Batman: Arkham Origins pits the Dark Knight against an onslaught of goons in Infinity Blade-style fashion. This time, however, Batman has a few new tricks in his utility belt. (Android, Batman: Arkham Origins, iPad, iPhone) 3.5/5

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TheDarpaChief  +   464d ago
Oh my god I almost died. SPECIFY THE SYSTEM!
furneri357  +   464d ago
but you die ! in mgs1
KentBlake  +   464d ago
TheDarpaChief  +   464d ago
Nanomachines son
KalCraig  +   464d ago
Lol. Totally.
MidnytRain  +   464d ago
Died from what?
Alexious  +   463d ago
It's not Batman: Arkham Origins, it's Blackgate...

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