Special Titanfall announcement teased for tomorrow – what could it be?

El33tonline writes:

"EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have just teased a “special announcement” for tomorrow, October 22nd, with a brand new screenshot from the hectic multiplayer-focussed shooter."

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Majin-vegeta1731d ago

We've been through this time and time it's coming wether you like it or not.

loulou1731d ago

xbox one launch beta.... boom!

if that is what it is, then that will be something pretty damn decent. i cant wait til tomorrow now

have you lot seen titanfal??? ;-)

Whitefire1731d ago

Why would it not happen? There is not reason for it not to lol..

shoddy1731d ago

What else is there to be surprise? Beside coming to the ps4.
they only need 2 month to port it.

new map? New image? New gameplay or more game detail?
All of above is nothing out of ordinary.

Maybe master chief is in it.

XB1_PS41731d ago

Exclusivity is overrated. If both consoles have a game, so what?

xHeavYx1731d ago

The Twitter message makes it sound like it will be a beta announcement. If I had to make the craziest guess, I would say that MS may try to win some customers saying that this will be a free title

2pacalypsenow1731d ago

its already known its a timed exclusive on xbox 1

Anarki1731d ago

Titanfall is coming to PS4, eventually but it won't be till way after the PS4 launch. EA won't sit idly by whilst they make a game for just 1 console, they are a 3rd party publisher, they have no reason to not shove the game on the PS4 if it's going to sell well.

I hope it is on the PS4, if not I'll just buy it on the PC. No big deal.

ThanatosDMC1731d ago

Gonna announce that it's sub-hd and lacks 60fps and MS will somehow force parity with PC gamers.

Eonjay1731d ago

Maybe they will announce a release date. Or even show it running on a Xbox One. Sounds like a beta though. Its basically a battle between EA and Activision. Titanfall vs Destiny. Respawn vs Bungie. I just don't think it will be a fair fight because Destiny will be on more platforms. It will be interesting to see what EA does next.

EA's prime directive is to topple Activision in sales, More than fanboys, Activision would love to see Titanfall remain platform exclusive because it only benefits them in the end by removing competition. The games are releasing at or around the same time... this battle will be very exciting.

I would love to see TitanFall go multiplatform and for it to go head to head against Destiny.

2paclives1731d ago

Just admit it and deal with it. It will be on ps4. You know it's the truth. Accept it.

JokesOnYou1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

This is definitely my most anticipated new IP for next gen so far, being a huge Halo fan, Halo5 still is my most anticipated overall primarily because I love shooters and the gameplay in Titanfall so far looks 2nd to none. Who knows if it will stay exclusive or not but I know I'll play it day one on X1 so I really could care less. This announcement obviously has nothing to do with it coming to ps4 but whatever it is I can't wait to hear about it.

u got owned1731d ago


its probably coming to PS3 and PS4 but I dont think they'll anounce it now.

corvusmd1731d ago

I wouldn't ever count on it, but if it does, that doesn't look like the announcement they are teasing.

Odd how the "system with better exclusives" keeps wanting the XB1 exclusives...but that doesn't seem to go the other way the same way...

NeoTribe1731d ago

Its gonna happen. Ea is gonna look at its horrible preorder numbers for the x1 and eventually announce it for ps4. This is ea were talking about.

gaffyh1731d ago

I think possibly release date, but could also be some kind of beta.

inveni01731d ago

Free-2-Play would be a pretty huge announcement for a title like this.

DonFreezer1731d ago Show
VENOMACR12271731d ago

Who cares if it's coming out on PS? It's out on Xbox first and that's what matters.

Sono4211730d ago

ya sounds like a beta..

P0werVR1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


Well, that sound is wrong. Release date March 11th.

For anyone exagerating that even with bad preorders for Xbox One, that it will be on PS4 earlier. Well, your wrong!

With Xbox 360 and PC versions releasing same time with Xbox One. EA will not be hampered by the small sales of PS4 overall when it's selling substantially well or better on PC on 360.

Ask yourselves...who paid for the ported version of Xbox 360?!

Perjoss1730d ago

Half Life 3 confirmed!

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abc12331731d ago

Nope. Beta. Probably happening just before the Destiny one.

iamnsuperman1731d ago

A release date. Have we had one of those yet

Jazz41081731d ago

Pre order numbers will pick up when a release date is announced and its closer to launch.

MorePowerOfGreen1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Sounds pretty self explanatory.

"Be the First to Fall into Titanfall! Check back tomorrow for a special announcement."

Beta on PC and/or XB1

How is it coming to PS4? Respawn uses MSFT's Azure cloud servers for this game on MSFT's platforms(Windows/360/XB1). Sony's infrastructure isn't even complete or as advanced. Sony paying EA for EA servers?

Wouldn't it be smarter for Respawn to see if the game is even successful before going through the hassle with Sony?

BlackTar1871731d ago

The way Respawn is using the Azure servers isn't that special. I bet it requires very little out of those 300k servers.

GentlemenRUs1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

"Sony's infrastructure isn't even complete or as advanced..."

The facts/truth about/behind the CLOUD.

TekoIie1731d ago

A beta announcement would be great!

BadlyPackedKeebab1730d ago

There is nothing stopping their use of Azure tech for the PS4 version. In the same way you can use Azure tech for any website / app. I strongly suspect the difference though is that MS are paying for the cloud service for the xbox and pc platforms. Obviously someone would have to cover the costs for the ps4 and they are not cheap.

kryteris1730d ago

the same way it is being released on the PC. Not to mention this is a source engine that is already running on linux/mac/windows.

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XboxFun1731d ago

Vageta, if you want to go Super Saiyen 3 the right way then get a Xbox One and play Titanfall. You are at the top of every Titanfall article hoping it comes to PS4.

BlackTar1871731d ago

It's a game people want to play. It's pretty obvious if they want COD money giving it the benefit of the doubt it will be super pop. that it will have to release on PS4 sooner rather then alter.

As for the announcement its not a ps4 announcement i promise you that.

The facts so far are the ps4 will outsell the xbox in most territory and maybe even US. To lose this install base would be stupid for a 3rd part company.

Majin-vegeta1731d ago

Why would i want to power down to SS3?When i already became SS4 when i pre ordered my PS4.

Cable2kx1731d ago

Ha I see what you did there

XboxFun1731d ago


And yet you still go on and on about wanting Titanfall.

And Vageta can't go SS4, he can't even go SS3. Unless you have Bulma's help, but such a crutch wouldn't you say.

Again, I know this game excites you way more than Knack or KZ:FallShadows because I see you in here hoping it comes to PS4. Like I said...grab a Xbox One and we'll fight on the battlefield together, fusion style.

kickerz1731d ago

Xbox one eats dragon ballz for breakfast

Feralkitsune1731d ago

I say SSJ3 would be more PC. SSJ would be more Xbox 1.

Stevino1231731d ago

What about the X1 Appeals to you?

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malokevi1731d ago

Doesn't even matter what the news is. If they announce that the titans wear pumps I'll be happy.

1731d ago
Mikelarry1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

lol you beat me to it :), if it does come to ps4 i hope this guy does a video of it

OT: if i had to guess releasing early or showing the 360 version

LoneWolf0191731d ago

Get it on 360 its cheaper

OpieWinston1731d ago

Dude Major Nelson JUST said that he "Isn't worried". I don't think that it'll come to Playstation. Unless Sony realized Titanfall will sell and are investing in Dedicated servers FOR TITANFALL!

SnotyTheRocket1731d ago

Yeah, it's EA They'll see the sales of the PS4, and Titanfall on the Xbox, and be all like "OMGZZ, BRUH! WE N33D T1TanFaLl on Ps4!!!!11!

Legacy2121731d ago

EA doesnt own respawn entertainment they are an independant studio that partnered with ea to publish titan fall. Respawn chooses what happens with titanfall since they own the ip. Do some research instead of n4g

DeadlyFire1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

EA will pay Respawn gold bricks to put Titanfall on PS4.

It will happen. EA is a 3+ platform publishing company. As Square Enix has become over the years and many others. They don't skip platforms. DICE even talks about Linux. SteamOS Battlefield in the future?

HugoDrax1730d ago


"EA will pay Respawn gold bricks to put Titanfall on PS4. "

You think Microsoft wouldn't do the same? Who's more valuable? Microsoft or EA? Or in your language...Who could pay EA more gold bricks? Microsoft to keep it exclusive to windows platform? Or EA to bring it to PS4?

itBourne1731d ago

Once again just the thought of this game makes me sick, thought we might have a chance to get away from the CoD fest of this generation, but nope I was wrong...

Condemnedman1730d ago

your comment makes no sense. no one is forcing you to buy it. buy whatever game you want but if millions want to play cod that's their choice, tough luck if you don'like it.

itBourne1730d ago

No shit no one is forcing me to buy it. My point was there is literally no variation on the genre. Its CoD shit or dont play shooters, no choices at all.

Stevino1231731d ago

DayZ won the internetz for the rest of the night.

StoutBEER1731d ago

@Majin Why would he care which system its coming to? The better the game does the more likely a sequel!

DiRtY1731d ago

Spring 2015 is my guess.

Ausbo1731d ago

it will come to ps4, but thats not the announcement. its way too early for that.

Kurogane1730d ago

Its a BETA sorry sony droids

ForgivenZombie1730d ago

It's a timed exclusive. It will come to PS4 later.

hankmoody1730d ago

Wishful thinking, perhaps? Cause it ain't happening. LOL

LuditPRIME1730d ago

Haha how did I know this would the first guess.

Blackdeath_6631730d ago

even as a person who favours the PS4 that announcement will NEVER happen before launch

blakstarz1730d ago

LOL....I was just about to say that, but I have a feeling it will down the road.

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Thatguy-3101731d ago

Cross platform play between the announced platforms