Warcraft Film Speculation - Johnny Depp Goes Blonde ... Is He Arthas?

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at the London Film Festival featuring a blonde hair with a very particular iconic hue. posted early 2013 that Warner Bros was interested in Johnny Depp for a role in the Warcraft film. Blizzplanet speculates he might be going for the Arthas role based on his blonde hue.

The Warcraft film is slated to begin on January 13, 2014.

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Godmars2901735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Pretty sure if Captain Jack Sparrow played Arthas WoW fans would loose it. In a bad way.

A very, very, bad way...

kydrice1735d ago

I say don't knock it till you've seen it. He might just be able to pull it off. Although I was hoping Sean Bean would be Arthas I mean he always dies in every movie so it's fitting right? Afterwards, he'll always have a helmet on and someone else can play The Lich King.

pompombrum1735d ago

Isn't Arthas supposed to be young though? I could see Sean Bean playing King Terenas though or if a more active role, possibly Tirion Fordring assuming they chronicle Arthas life up until his death.

Anarki1735d ago

He doesn't look like an Arthas... Not at all.

thehitman1735d ago

Also Arthas is a very serious character not comical in anyway I dont see how he could play the roll accurately.

kydrice1735d ago

With the right make-up and a few touch ups with a computer they can shave years off Sean Bean on screen.

Also, This is Johnny Depp, the guy is a chameleon. I'd have faith that he can go from savvy pirate to arrogant knight. It's not like we're talking about Ben Affleck here. It's just I don't think Depp would look good in armor, also he isn't really tall enough or has the stature.

Scroticus1734d ago

You guys haven't watched The Secret Window, have you? Dude does serious pretty good.

kydrice1734d ago

Instead of Sean Bean, I'd like to purpose Ethan Hawke.

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1735d ago
3-4-51735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

It's always funny when you see a celebrity change looks.

95% of the time it's for a movie role and not because they are changing their image.

People can't tell the difference and then copy styles.

Kind of funny really.

bganci1735d ago

Agreed...Please no Johnny Deep...Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would be perfect....(Jaime Lannister)

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Medievaldragon1735d ago

We'll see. It's just speculation based on a January 2013 rumor and the very iconic blonde hue. That's not a common blonde hue in real life. It's sort of going on the orange spectrum as pictured in the Arthas (human) image provided in the article.

The question is ... do actors dye their hair 12 weeks before filming? I assume in 12 weeks his hair will be nigh twice long, and he will need to dye again and again to cover the dark roots.

Abriael1735d ago

Possible, but I'd say not probable.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1735d ago

Can't imagine him being Arthas. Arthas was serious and at times sociopathic. A jokerster like Johnny probably wouldn't be able to handle playing that role.

NateCole1735d ago

Hell no. Someone like the guy that played Thor would suit.

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