Need for Speed Rivals On Playstation 4 Eclipses PC In Graphics @GamerFitnation

GamerFitnation's Tamika Moultrie interviews Marcus Nilsson, the Executive Producer for the next-gen release Need for Speed Rivals. Find out how the new game will be shifting the racing genre into the future of competitive gameplay. We put the pedal to the metal and hit the information highway, making sure to find out everything you'll need to get up to speed against your rivals.
A release on launch title, Need For Speed Rivals comes out November 22 2013.


There's has been a 2nd video added to the article talking directly on the Playstation 4 & Xbox Version.

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nick3091793d ago

So they make a pc port worse on purpose? What the heck is the point?

Xwow20081793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Its a hit magnet title.

XB1_PS41793d ago

This title hurts my feelings, that's how bad it is.

Whitefire1793d ago

Read the article. It isn't even the same thing, it talks nothing about the difference between PC or PS4.

1793d ago
ssj271793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Same thing DICE is doing against the PS4 when it comes to BATTLEFIELD 4 and you eat that as a true because?
BF4 is BF3 with little improvements.. there is no excuse why a current gen game can't do 1080p 60fps on the PS4. But dice are traying to win PC fans back since they now see a bigger community $$$ EA is going for it!$$$

This is even more believable .
Dev's have to make their Pc game run in low end Pc which are way weaker than a PS4 and they can enhance PS4 version and use more of it raw power and that's how PS4 version looks and plays better!

is a possibility! and they are not taking that time to enhance the Pc version because is not worthy"$" since only %5 of pc community has high end PCs.

And they are taking this advantage to gain sales from Sony side since DRIVECLUB has been delayed, ever since NEED FOR SPEED news start pop in out from nowhere to gain momentum.

a win win situation and only the 5% of the community get the middle finger from them, but i bet that %5 will also get a ps4 and they also bet for that and if they are fans of NEED FOR SPEED PS4 is the best way to go!

ambientFLIER1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

"there is no excuse why a current gen game can't do 1080p 60fps on the PS4."

You just made me facepalm. Hard.

No, no excuse at all why a highly detailed LAUNCH TITLE with 64 players, huge maps, vehicles, and destruction is not able to do 1080p/60fps...because the PS4 is like as powerful as the sun, or something!!!



DeadlyFire1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

This means PC version is XB1 port. That is all. Makes me wonder about Battlefield 4. Same engine really, but there has been no talk of it looking superior on a console.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 1792d ago

I played Need For Speed For Playstation 4, it really is better then the PC by miles. ALso I just noticed the edit mistake we did but there is a whole section of the interview talking about the PS4 version. I'll have it added to the article as soon as possible. Trust me I know how you PC guys are on N4G I wouldn't say it's better unless it's true.

MWong1793d ago

I wish the interviewer would have asked when will they add vehicle customization back.

amnalehu1792d ago

It is back but from what I have seen its not very deep.

MWong1792d ago

From what I've seen is it's just body paint/skins, wheels and your license plate. I said in another article I think GTA5 has more customization in it.

pete0071793d ago

what does it has that pc cant handle, speak quickly, ssao,ssanti-aliasing 16xHQ, in game graphics dont say that much of it

Destrania1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Hmm, guess we'll have to wait till release to compare.

BLACKBIBLE1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Ok I just added the 2nd video. It should have been in the final edit but it was a mistake on our part. Will be live soon. Please Mind the lack of audio for the 1st few secs this is un edited footage after all.

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