Sony on Knack: “There is no Lack of Faith”, It’s a “Big Game, Both in Length and Scale”

Last week, we let you know that Knack wouldn’t have a demo available on the PlayStation Network at launch, though you are more than free to play it on one of the demo stations popping up across the US.

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ZodTheRipper1733d ago

I'm sure it is. I'll definately check out the demo, I think all those videos don't do the game justice.

davidDIRK1733d ago

Sony's achillies heal: kid games.....daxter and jack, little big planet, Lester and frank, klack, Sony all stars, mod nation racers (that one is good), I wish they would just use that effort for more mature games& hardcore games....killzones god of wars, resistances, infamouses, I ain't hating Sony gives me hours of fun, just don't care for the kindergarten stuff. Uncharted series was awesome by the way.

GribbleGrunger1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

How about you borrow LBP2 and make a level. Then get back to us on it being 'kindergarten stuff.' You can make a start right here by explaining exactly how Boolean logic works. Here's a simple circuit board made by some 'kid'. Tell us all what it does:

This one is a little more complicated:

I really dislike people who think the whole industry should cater to their personal tastes.

jacksons981733d ago

Sony has games for everyone. That's what makes Playstation so great. We have a family of 5 and 4 of us are gamers. Male and female. PS3 is on almost everyday and we are launch owners. Meanwhile our Wii hasn't even been turned on in at least 2 years. Infact it could be dead and I wouldn't even know.

2paclives1733d ago

Bubble for you! Well said and exactly to the point on why sony playstation is the way to go. Diversity! So many great and different games to play. Not just a fps and sports box.

Shane Kim1733d ago

Well said. Try to find the amount and diversity of games on any other platform except for PS brand. It might not be for everyone, but it's good to have the options. This is why I'm sticking with the PS brand.

MegaRay1733d ago

What are you talking about. Sony focusing on mature games and dont do games 4 everyone nowadays (half the games you listed isnt kiddy games. Have you ever play jak ii or iii?) Dont waste bubbles on answering I know you never xP

darren_poolies1733d ago

Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet are all excellent games, how about actually playing them before bashing them?

WeAreLegion1733d ago

You think Jak is a kid's game? Seriously? Did you play Jak 3?

SCW19821733d ago

You lost all respect when you lumped in Jak and Daxter and LBP. That's like calling Mario Galaxy or Banjo Kazooie children's games. Clearly you were not born in the golden days of the platformer.

Sevir1733d ago

LBP, RATCHET, JAK, MNR are Sony's Achiles "heel"? before you make those kind of assertions make sure you use spell check. And then play those said games, especially One as complicated as LBP.

Every one of franchise you listed have sold over 1 million plus, with Ratchet being the highest grossing selling 20+ units over its release on PS2 to the PS3. Jak and LBP have sold well over 7+ million as a franchise so please get some insight into what youre saying. Diversity is a pillar of Sony and im glad they still give it with games like Knack

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moodgamer1733d ago

I want to play this game, no matter what everyones says.

badz1491733d ago

touche, Sony! just like R&C series, seems like the game has a good story backing it up too. can't wait!

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