Phil Spencer Praises Ryse: Son of Rome Graphics/Visuals, Unveils New Single-Player Campaign Details

Ryse: Son of Rome from Crytek for Xbox One has been talked of the town among gaming community on numerous topic, "900p resolution, in-game graphics, QTE accusation and more", but this game overcame all hurdles and has prove its metal on every front.

Ryse: Son of Rome is praised not only by critics, fans and rival camp but also from industry professionals and Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios, is not far behind.

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malokevi1795d ago

"Playing Ryse and F5 nightly right now. Sometimes I just pause game n smile at what they are putting on screen. Great work teams."


that's exactly what I like to hear.

Lalanana1795d ago

Ryse: Son of Rome. Day one :-)

malokevi1795d ago

It's the 21st today. 1 month from now, life officially begins.

Kinda makes me wanna break into song.

XB1_PS41795d ago

I'm still not sold, I'll have to wait until I get my hands on it. Hopefully there will be a demo of some sort.. It looks gorgeous, but then again, I don't really like crysis.. And that's a pretty game. We'll see I guess.

JokesOnYou1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Damm I love Ryse as much as anybody but gamepur makes news about every little tweet of course execs and devs from micro love it. So what? lol, I said I was going to just stare at the game before I play it too, its next gen, if we're honest everybody is going to do that....still its barely worth a headline, these guys need to find some real news.

GameNameFame1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Microsoft employee dev praising microsoft game.

Yes. I think he is super objective.

IDK how this is news. Next up Advertisement guy said this game is the bestestestest.

PFFT1795d ago


Its about the same as those so called unnamed devs praising the Ps4. That actually turned out to be Sony first party developers.
No matter where you look everyone likes tooting their own horn. So get over it.

Ryse looks freaking spectacular. DAY ONE baby DAY ONE!

GameNameFame1795d ago


No it didnt. Please prove it.

Also, very respectable journals have come out including Forbes and Edge have talked to third party devs who are making games for both PS4 and X1.

They even ran the bench mark and figured out 50 percent difference.

I imagine you are making stuff up to cover the damage. Or your are that upset about facts that you are willing to lie to yourself.

Regardless. Facts are facts.

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famoussasjohn1795d ago

At first I was skeptical of this game during E3 and most of the conventions, now I really want to get it on launch day. Just hope they had enough time to tighten down everything and get it ready for launch.

Irishguy951795d ago

I thought it looks **** at E3. Now it looks awesome. Looks like it's competing with God of war for Cinematic Hack and Slash. I doubt it'll match up in terms of combat to the other ones. But most people seem to accept Average combat systems so long as there is Cinematic and graphics. Like God of War.

AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago

Its funny because Ryse had a "oooo" and "awwww" effect. People were Admiring the visuals from the debut Trailer.

Only to get there hands on the very shaky build and previewers weren't entirely impressed with it. Now that the combat is being polished up and the visuals that they promised are living to what they said, its really only good things from here on out now.

I'm kinda surprised this game made a turn around from early skeptics.

SuperLupe1795d ago

Ryse is what I expected next gen to look like.

denawayne1795d ago

People will disagree because they were expecting it to look more like Knack

GarrusVakarian1795d ago

Great reply there, really mature! /s

RYSE and Killzone SF are the 2 best looking next gen games in my opinion.

WeAreLegion1795d ago

I don't think anyone expects more than Ryse and Killzone:SF at launch. inFamous seems to be the best looking launch window title, in my opinion. Down the line though, we'll see games like Quantum Break, Deep Down, The Order: 1886, and whatever Quantic Dream is making. I am so excited to see what these teams will be able to do.

I hope Insomniac has some gameplay of Sunset Overdrive soon, too.

Gozer1795d ago

Yeah, a certain group of people cant stand the fact that an X1 title puts the entire ps4 line up to shame.

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Fireseed1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Bashes Ryse for gameplay... defends Beyond: Two Souls. I'm sorry sir but your fanboy is showing.

djplonker1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

beyond has a story that ryse cant never hope to achieve it will be call of duty: 8bc warfare style single player!

six axis helped alot aswell something the xbone does not have so they can only put mash _ button

I have a 360 and was impartial until e3...

a wii u , ps4 and pc will do me fine for next gen!

Fireseed1795d ago

Cause the story in Ryse is totally up for Debate. Tell me how did act 3 make you feel? :P

And the motion controller has thing the Xbox One and Kinect don't have? Ok, now you've gone from exposing your fanboy to just full on twirling it around and slapping people in the face with it.

CrossingEden1795d ago

Um, you REALLY need to stop regurgitating the misinformed opinion of yahtzee WHEN you call this a cod game.

djplonker1795d ago

I would call it Spunk gargle wee wee If I was trying to be yahtzee.....

ryse will be shyte


ok I dont full understand what you said but the kinect is a weak argument and I am a fanboy of good gaming thats why I have a wide range of consoles I will own everything post gamecube and I will not be buying an xbone after what m$ tried to pull at e3!

coopman3001795d ago

Beyond is basically a movie you play through, not an actual game so yea story is good cause it has to be. Ryse has actual gameplay so there's no contest really.

djplonker1795d ago

yeah no contest beyond is an end of cinsole realise that had lots of time worked on it with no rush.

ryse on the other hand is an ex-kinect only 360 gams that is getting rushed because microsoft got caught off gaurd by the announcement of the ps4.....

clearly beyond has the upperhand!

coopman3001795d ago

Well at least ryse is a game and not a cg movie. Beyond is good for what it is but i'd rather a game not a movie.

ziggurcat1795d ago

phil spencer praising ryse? geez, i would have thought he would tear it a new one... what, with him working for MS and all....

theWB271795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

These type of comments are so dumb to me. I just don't understand why an employee supporting their product is a bad thing.

I would never expect to hear Shuhei or Cerny say something bad about the Sony brand or any of its games. I didn't expect anything different than when Shuhei came out and supported David Cage after the mixed reviews for Beyond.


See georgenancy below...

EDIT- There's no difference at all. It's all subjective. Spencer praised the visuals of Ryse...uh it looks great as most people would agree.

There are people who downright loathe Killzone even though you may think it's decent. I absolutedly LOVED Sonic Generations...thought it was by far one of the best experiences this gen. Felt like I was young again playing on the OG Segan Genesis...but I don't think alot of other people felt that way about it.

There is no huge's an employee supporting their product as they're supposed to do. Nothing more..

georgenancy1795d ago

you see there is a huge difference in praising a semi-decent looking game(ryse) and a good game(killzone,forza etc)
ps people will take this as a fanboy troll comment,i hope not

Gozer1795d ago

You are obviously FOS if you think Killzone SF looks better than Ryse.



Ryse wipes its ass with the entire ps4 line up.

ziggurcat1795d ago

not sure where i said it was a bad thing. if you can point out where i said it was a bad thing, please be my guest.

it's more of a, "well, obviously he's going to praise a game that his own company is releasing in a month..." comment than it is scoffing at him for speaking highly of one of his own products.

georgenancy1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@ Gozer,did you just compare a trailer with multiplayer gameplay footage of killzone? man you're the one FOS

your comparison reeks of idiocy

mediate-this1795d ago

Dude, i get it, i get what your trying to say to these people. But you gotta give up, you have to realise he cant help his ignorant ways. He is to far gone, in sorry bro, we lost him to fanboyism.

Back on topic: wii u, ps4 pc n xbone is the way to game. With a open mind too.

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OpieWinston1795d ago

And when Yoshida praises Killzone or Knack...It's okay?

Comeon people...

christocolus1795d ago

i almost said same thing..yoshida does it all the time.ignore those guys they are obviously hypocrites..

theWB271795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"not sure where i said it was a bad thing. if you can point out where i said it was a bad thing, please be my guest.

it's more of a, "well, obviously he's going to praise a game that his own company is releasing in a month..." comment than it is scoffing at him for speaking highly of one of his own products"

It's one of those things that doesn't need to be mentioned as most people who follow any product figures an employee would support it. Especially a high ranking employee.

So when comments such as yours is's interpreted as a negative.

Reggie Fils-Aimee does it
Shuehi does it
Spencer does it
The famous hamburger joint around the corner from me claims he makes the best burgers around (I can't disagree).

We all pretty much know why these things are said. No need for the negative, condescending comments such as yours.

georgenancy1795d ago

wow an ms rep praising a game exclusive to the xbone,shocker

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