PS4 Blu-Ray Player Is Region Locked (For Films)

While it is great news to hear that the PlayStation 4 continues the trend of being a region-free console in terms of gaming, the same cannot be said for all of the console’s multimedia facets. Despite Sony being a main investor into the Blu-Ray Disc Association, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the PS4 Blu-Ray player will be region-locked.

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rajman1640d ago

Not a surprise, was the same for PS3. Alot of studios these days release multi region blu rays, which is great

Abash1640d ago

Yeah I dont mind region locked Blu-Rays, it's the games that need to be region free

caseh1640d ago

Not even much of an issue these days. Not many people can speak Japanese and there is rarely any need to import from English speaking regions as the game is already available.

I think I imported a grand total of 3 games this gen, Initial D (Jap), Wangan Midnight(Jap) and Demons Souls (US) none of which I would have missed that much, Demon's Souls got a European release in the end.

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badz1491640d ago

same with PS3 but this seems like a total non-issue considering how many region free BD movies out there.

sigfredod1640d ago

PS3 was the same, no news here

djplonker1640d ago

I dont go out of the country to buy my dvds so I should be fine ;)

Godmars2901640d ago

What, is the XB1's not?

Odd considering that almost everything else was when the console was first announced.

XB1_PS41640d ago

It doesn't say the xb1 isn't region locked. I assume it is, this isn't a comparison article.

Godmars2901640d ago

Its also nothing that the PS3 doesn't do, so unless the XB1 as the only other game system that plays BR disc does something different from what's been established, there's really no point in this article.

XB1_PS41640d ago

A question was asked, and answered. If anyone else had the same question regarding the PS4, it's now answered. It has nothing at all to do with any other platform. Not everything has to be "this vs that".

PlayStation_41640d ago

All BDs are region locked unless the studio specifically states otherwise.

Blame the BDA if for some reason you watch imported blu-rays

MidnytRain1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Of course it has a purpose. It informs anyone who might have hoped that the newest console might have taken a step forward in region access.

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MegaRay1640d ago

Pre-order cancelled.
Wait for movies? This a gaming site b*t**es HOW AM I GONNA RE-PREORDERING MY SYSTEM!

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