Playstation 4 Concerns

"This one might not be applicable for everyone, but the huge push for indies is not appealing to me at all. We are entering a new generation of gaming and I hope to be fully immersed within incredibly complex and beautiful worlds. The main reason Sony is jumping on these Indies for exclusivity is to inexpensively build up the list of their exclusive games. I want to see more games like The Order 1886 and Deep Down." - DigitalWhip

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STGuy10401798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I doubt Sony's push for indie titles on the PS4 will affect first and third party releases, especially original concepts like The Order 1886. It will just expand the PS4's library of titles. Besides, some indie games are simply incredible (i.e. A.R.E.S, for example) and they deserve the attention Sony is giving them.

Lalanana1798d ago

Concern Number Four: Just an improved gaming experience is my only concern with it. and freezing issues. I hope that's not true or does not becoming a problem.

mfletch5121798d ago

yea, I wish that the PS4 offered a lot more than just an improved PS3 experience. I definitely think that is a fair argument.

FlameHawk1798d ago

@mfletch512, you mean improving the gaming experience on a GAMING console rather than TV features is a bad thing? Oh my.

Mikelarry1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

all the concerns this author has listed are can be summed up in " i want an xbox one so i am nitpicking at the ps4"

one of the author argument which just baffles me below
"I would rather have had the console be bigger if it cut down the chance of overheating". are you kidding me why would they design a console to be big just because you believe it being that small must mean it will overheat. there is info that the ps4 will run significantly cooler than the ps3. the console that had major heating issues last gen was the 360 even with how "big" it was

another of the author concern is indies..... again if indies were not that important why did the competition backtrack and allow indies to self publish on the console. indies provide an alternative to AAA experiences. all the developers on big AAA games you are enjoying now started as indies and someone liked their idea and direction and they became AAA developers

you have a choice, choose the console that will meets your demands

Gamer6661798d ago

I have both systems on pre-order.

I am concerned about the PS4 indie content. Not because they are not good games but more because they are mostly games that already exist. Why do I need to buy a new piece of hardware to play stuff I have already played on some other device?

Second, I am concerned about the quality of both systems' (PS4 and X1) hardware. I had to replace two PS3's and two X360's last gen. So, to me, neither vendor has a great hardware track record in my home.

Third, I am concerned about sony living up to delivery dates. They are perpetually late on almost all of their console exclusive titles... Killzone 2, Last Guardian, Last of Us, Beyond, LBP, etc. ranged from many months late to years to "still have not been delivered" when sony announced they would be delivered. DriveClub was just another reminder of this last week.

That does not make me a fanboy. These are three legitimate concerns.

patsrule3161798d ago

I have to disagree with you on your first point. First and foremost, there are plenty of people switching from Xbox 360 to PS4 (myself included) who have not played those games so just because you have them doesn't mean we all haven't (at least in terms of Flower, Flow, Soundshapes etc.) Second, they said if you already own them, you get them for free, so if you have them already, you don't have to buy them, you get them. There is no downside for that!

I agree on your other points though.

Mikelarry1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@ gamer666

not once did i mention the author was a fan-boy what i did say is that the author was nitpicking and i explained in detail in my post above.

below are my view on your concerns

1st concern: patrule316 has already answered this

second concern: i cant fully answer this and hopefully in the coming months we shall see. what i can see is these products are man made, some will fail not still acceptable but thats the reality. its how they react to the failure rate and if its happening on almost all consoles
for the record i replaced 2 of the 360 (gamertag mikelarry85 for some that may doubt that i do own a 360)1 of my ps3

3rd concern: again i cant answer this only sony can. delays suck i know this but if it means using that time to polish the game and fixing game breaking bugs more power to them. a good example is GT5 online and how that turned out, although rockstar is on top of this maybe if they had more time and a public beta some of the issues users experienced could have been have been fixed before launch.

like i said before i am not bashing the author in anyway i just want us gamers to stop being petty /nitpicking fault when it comes to consoles we prefer over consoles we have no intention of getting

Gamer6661798d ago


Good point about people that have not played the games, but in my case I have played most (if not all of them) so really it is no factor for me to buy a PS4... It still is a concern to me that they are recycling IPs vs. also getting new IPs from Indies... Ex. MS is getting Mojang's Cobalt and they are recycling Minecraft.


I understand game delays and really like devts and pubs to take pride in their products. But, I question devts and pubs when they are always late. To me, that says they are either lying, unrealistic, or they are crappy at planning their schedules. No matter what it concerns me. I don't buy a console based on 1 or 2 games, but it can sway me to buy it earlier. Currently, with the game state on PS4 all I am going to be doing at launch is Killzone and Resogun (A day to play through the KZ campaign, Probably 5 hrs for Resogun)... I have never been big on KZ multiplayer but will try some matches to see if the changes are significant enough). My X1 will get a lot more of my time... DR3 (Probably a 50 hr experience based on the past games), KI3 (Definitely a constant experience over a few months - initially 10 hrs straight to learn how to pull off the moves with all characters and a couple hrs every few days for multiplayer), Lococycle (Probably a 5 hr experience like Resogun), Forza 5 (50 hrs because of the levelling and a fun multiplayer), and Ryse (The jury is out whether I will like or dislike) all are new versions or new IPs that seem to have taken a leap forward from their predecessors or look like new IPs worth giving a try.

Kayant1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Concern Three it runs 10 degrees Celsius lower on average than the PS3 also it will auto-shutdown to save itself if it gets too hot like we have seen from the red line of warning situation.

PS3 - 45-55
PS4 - 5-35

Concern Number Two - Is understandable but you have to just wait because iirc most of their studios released PS3 games not too long ago so it's understandable not much has been shown yet and as they have recently said all their studio are working on PS4 games and going by history of PS1, PS2, PS3 I don't think you should be worried about that too much yet :p.

patsrule3161798d ago

I am buying a PS4, and not an Xbox 1, but I still have concerns and they weren't even mentioned in this article.

1) Gaikai: How will it be implemented when it comes out (charge structure and available games)? Will it even work properly or will there be too much latency for games to be playable?

2) Remote Play: I expect it to work fine over my home network, but will it work over the internet?

3) Lack of games in 2013: The delay of Watch Dogs and DriveCLub is a real downer for me, since those were the two games I was going to get at launch (DC on PS+). There are a lot of free to play games I will have, to mitigate some of the delays, but it is hard for me to justify buying the system in November instead of March or April when the games I really want start coming out. If reading this you are thinking to yourself that you want Killzone or AC4, or any of the other big retail releases, then you don't have that concern, but I do and it is a legitimate concern.

4) My last concern is only one for people new to the Playstation world, I guess, and isn't something that Sony can do much about, but it is that I am coming in with a completely empty friends list starting over. I literally don't know a single person personally who is buying a PS4 besides me, as all my gamer friends have Xbox 360, and they are getting the Xb1. I am the only one making the switch. I have a vita, but have never played a multiplayer on it. So I've got an empty friends list. My wife and son will create accounts on my system, but I still question how much of the social aspect of the system I will get to use. Again, this one is not a fault of the system itself, but is something I am concerned about with the PS4 when I get it next month.

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