New PlayStation Store better than Microsoft's Marketplace?

This gameplayer article reviews the latest changes made to the PlayStation Store. It then looks at whether the changes elevate the service to the same standard as the Xbox 360's Marketplace, or whether it still needs work in certain areas.

"But there has been one lingering sore point: the PlayStation Network. Nobody who's used both this and Xbox Live can seriously say that Sony's implementation is superior. Basically, Xbox Live allows Microsoft to do what it does best, which is to build infrastructure. It's also now well into its second iteration and whilst it's not perfect, the overall experience leaves Sony's efforts way behind."

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 13889d ago

Yep WAY Better!!!;-P Really nice it is. I like the Blu colour to;)

p.s Did anyone ever say on this it's FREE to???;)

Jack Meahoffer3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Images are last generation. I prefer to have a blank page load up so I can scroll through a list of the items reading the description.

Sometimes one image loads at a time and after 5 minutes all the images are loaded but I prefer no images.

Sony fanboys are right the PSN store is better than XBL marketplace. I mean who wants to rent movies from their console and see images? Not me!

Pain3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

And Sony Dose not even have a world wide Tested tryed and true/bug Fix with MILLIONS of $$$$ M$ word network just lil ol Sony servers with Linux lol and its Much Nicer and WILL get even BETER BOTS!!!! Ha ha

@jack aww poor kid cant believe Somebody Thats Not a Software Company can make Something
its kool SONY's Store kinda slags with Pics..... But a atleast it NOT The CONSOLE CRAPING OUT .....


zapass3889d ago

it doesn't have the corny obnoxious ads XBL is plagued with but it does have all the pictures we need. it's a bit like surfing the web with firefox+adblock: a huge relief from the m$ IE joke.

what is hilarious is that you xbaboons pay for an ad infested experience. m$ marketers knew they were dealing with a bunch of docile baboons, WOAAAAAAAAHA!

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-EvoAnubis-3889d ago

It's getting there, but it has still got quite a ways to go. I gotta admit though; Sony is on the ball here. they are very close to reaching the point that XBL took 5 years to get to . . . and PSN hasn't even hit year 2 yet.

SlappingOysters3889d ago

in fairness, they do have something to copy.

Then again, MS had how many years with PC online infrastructure to work from?

ukilnme3889d ago

I could have sworn that the PSN was around with the PS2. Sony decided to get serious with it for this generation.

Legion3889d ago

What are you talking about 5 years??? XBox Live was better then PSN even when it first came out. PSN still hasn't reeached XBox Lives first iteration of quality.

And if we are talking next generation systems, then XBox Live has been superb since day one. A seamless transition from old system to new.

Nothing has came close to rivaling it.. and PSN is still talking about the future. When they start talking about what they have now, then I might listen. But they can't really do that much now, because what they have now is NOT close to what Live gives you.

gonzopia3889d ago

The store needs more content, but the layout and new interface is great. I just wish the cursor would wrap to the next line when I press the right arrow in the icon list. :)

The PSN itself seems fine to me.

prunchess3889d ago

The PSN Store is alot snazzier than XBL and is only an update or two from being better. This is just banging on some negative spin regarding the PS3. Within another year these sites will be singing sony's praises, when the MS cash cow stops.

kewlkat0073889d ago

I mean it's a fn layout, it's like art lol

You can either Hate it or love it.

Plus like they say sometimes it's what's inside that matters, so I'm talking about content. not how pretty it is or the fn layout.

I always had an issue with the old store but nothing matters when you don't have much "content" to offer, like the competition.

Let's not even go into "FUNCTIONS" XBL had when it debuted, while PS3 fans continue to wait, for a "work in progress" Network.

Yes it's getting there but, how easy it is to see what the other guy is doing and to copy or make better...not that hard really but yeah It's getting there, this is a great start. Yes I like the Store and would like it more if there was more goodies, for now XBL wins in that department.

dan-boy3889d ago

and surprise suprise it's another opionated flame-bait article! microsoft have had 5 years getting things together, and it's fair to say that it's pretty good! plus it's the content what really matters, and that is pretty damn fine also! yeah the pictures look ok, but it has a basic look to imo! plus, the live marketplace is a doodle to navigate, even my missus found here way around on the first go!

bottom line though. is an anti microsoft site period! thats why the people who own/run and contribute to this site like it! when your a shameless fanboy, this is the stuff you want on your site. imo articles from gameplayer should be banned, which will never happen ofcourse. but if you refute the fact that gameplayer is anti microsoft. hit the link, and look on the rite hand side at the sponsored can't get more blatant!

Tomdc3889d ago

As far as the PS store is concerned a design doesn't really have tht big an impact, its the content. I believe the quality of content is actually better on the PS store because of the likes of Warhawk and GT5P actual full games as downloads. The trump card microsoft has though is a lot more content.

As far as PSN vs. Xbox Live goes I reckon as soon as PSN has ingame XMB the PSN will be on level terms and maybe with home (if it eva comes out!) might even surpass it. I know a few people complain about PSN servers sometimes, but I dont know what they are talking about because all the games I have played have been brilliant and lag free! Only other thing I will say about online gaming is COD4... the xbox online system is better for tht game and the PS3 one annoys me... well yh I doubt anyone will read all of this but if you have.. THX!

-EvoAnubis-3889d ago

You are wrong. PSN was not there during the PS2 era. At all.

And Legion, I'm sorry, but PSN is FAR better than XBL was at launch. When the 360 launched, MS did massive improvements to everything XBL was and improved it by about 150%. Currently, there is no question that XBL>PSN; only an idiot would disagree with that. However, PSN has improved by leaps and bounds since it came out at the launch of the PS3.

People are always saying "Why couldn't Sony just copy what XBL did?" The clear reason is that Sony is shooting at something similar, but not identical. I think it's a given at this point that Sony is going in a different direction here. Copying is easy. Innovation takes time.

I can wait. Besides, right now PSN does everything I need it to do except for allow me to send/receive messages in a game, and hopefully I'll have that this summer. Past that, it's whatever.

I will say if they haven't done any major upgrades by this holiday season, then THAT'S an issue.

JasonXE3889d ago

xbl and psonline came about around the same time. Then xblmarketplace came out with the 360 and then psn with ps3. Just a year head start with the store but xbl is around the same.(does it really matter?)

rexor07173889d ago

I do think XBL is better than PSN only because of the in-game communication. All other non-game features are distractions, and if MS is saying they are a game system solely, yet they have a video service, what is up with them? Im not saying its a bad thing,at all, but I think MS b/s all the time. And people buy into it.

SlappingOysters3889d ago

For someone who is clearly an Xbot you should probably be aware that the article suggests that no, the MS version is still better.

It's your wishful thinking that the site is pro Sony so you can have an excuse to savage articles when they confront MS with some of thier issues... just like this article confronts Sony.

-EvoAnubis-3888d ago

You are also wrong. The PS2 had NO UNIFIED ONLINE NETWORK AT ALL.

samfk3888d ago


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Zarfoz3889d ago

I'm maybe one of a few, but I don't think that Xbox Marketplace is so great. It sure gets some content a week before the counterpart, but the GUI isn't in any way far superior.

yanikins1113889d ago

I honestly cant even remember the online 360 store cos i only had a silver membership and there really is no point with only one of those.

3889d ago
yanikins1113889d ago

So online play was the only thing i wanted

prunchess3889d ago

I agree. Maybe some of the 360 owners could elaborate on what makes XBL better. I definitely doesn't look better.

Utalkin2me3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I much prefer XBl marketplace, which the PSN store isnt bad but it is trying to copy XBL almost to the t, sure interface is a little different. I like marketplace cause i have different options of browsing which psn does not. Such as like tv shows i can browse different ways by network or series or whatever. And like movies you can veiw movie by title, release date or download rank. And all the acrcade games i can play trial of the game before i decide to buy it. To see if i like it or not.

@prunchess = Maybe you should start using "I think " more. Just cause you think PSN store looks better doesnt mean everyone thinks it does.

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power of Green 3889d ago

I agree but where will XBL be by the time it does catch up to XBL's current state?, thats the reality of the evolutions of the two services.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3889d ago

and it goes the same for the consoles the micro$ales inferior hardware will never catch up with sony's

Trick Nolte3889d ago

Sony made some nice changes to the PSN store but the real meat to be seasoned is HOME which is gonna blow the sh!t out of rrodketplace. Alot of peeps are pissed about the home delay but PROPS 2 SONY for NOT rushing an unfinished product. We saw what thats gotten MS and even more recent...Konami. If it aint ripe, leave it on the tree. Message!

Xlll3889d ago

let's keep the comments on PSN Store vs marketplace. PSN has become way faster and with no ads. (which i find amusing considering you pay for live and not for PSN.)

But really i don't give a crap about layouts. Content is what matter. Both could use a text list layout but as long as it had tons of content i don't think anyone would care.

Jayson 3603889d ago

They seem a bit too biased lately,have Microsoft made a trip down under recently?

GutZ313889d ago

They just need to stop posting storys from so we dont have to hear there ranting like forum posters.

The Lazy One3889d ago

They posted 4 incredibly biased articles on why GTA4 is going to be the downfall of 360 in the past 5 weeks. They are anything but biased towards 360. Maybe you're in shock because they aren't blindly supporting the PS3 in this article.