Pokemon X Y Fastest Selling of Series With 4mil Over 2 Days

Seriously? Oh yea, the stats prove it. Further proving those who believed these Japanese these pocket monsters were far too cute to break into a Western market wrong, Pokémon X Y has officially become the fastest selling Pokémon game of all time.

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ZodTheRipper1674d ago

I tried it out today but unfortunately was not impressed. Didn't play the series for a long time and after playing games like Ni No Kuni and countless RPG's, I don't think that it deserves this huge success.

TekoIie1674d ago

How come? What makes it undeserving compared to previous installments?

ZeekQuattro1674d ago

The game deserves it. It has exceeded my expectations in every way but then I expected no less. Black was a fun game but X & Y took the franchise to a whole new level.