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Source: The Next Aliens Game Stars Ellen Ripley's Daughter

The next video game in the world of Aliens will star the daughter of superstar space marine Ellen Ripley, according to a Kotaku source.

The game is called Alien: Isolation, and we hear it will be on both current- and next-gen consoles next year. Isolation is developed by the British studio Creative Assembly (Total War); it's a first-person shooter that uses both stealth and horror elements; and it's inspired by games like Dishonored and Bioshock, according to our source, a person familiar with goings-on at Sega, who spoke under condition of anonymity in the interest of protecting their job. (Creative Assembly, Industry)

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-Foxtrot  +   651d ago
Why don't they just let us play as Ripley either set after Alien 4 where he abilities would come in handy for gameplay purposes or do an alternative timeline where Alien 3 never happened.

Sigourney Weaver has always said she would love to play the character again but she said Fox would never want to do a film like that with an actress over 60.

I suppose if done right for a change and had a good studio behind it they could get Sigourney Weaver to do it, maybe get her to do mo cap acting if they can

Besides Burke in the film never mentions anything of Amander looking for Ripley or anything which would indicate she fought off Aliens aswell. To me it's implied she lived a full life on Earth and had a everyday life.
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hankmoody  +   651d ago
Oh God, please stop already.
XboxFun  +   651d ago
This makes no sense and I hope is not part of the continuity because even in Aliens they had no idea what they were heading into and at first didn't even believe Ripley when she told them what she had encountered. Now here daughter ran into the xenomorphs??

Godmars290  +   651d ago
Didn't her actual daughter die while she was in hyper-sleep from the first movie? That it was a dropped sub-plot from Aliens?

Besides, Ripley was never a space marine: she was a space trucker.

Who may or may not have given me my first boner...
Fishermenofwar  +   651d ago
Yup she did...It makes no sense..
gedden7  +   651d ago
And who's developing it?

Gearbox?... I hope not..
kB0  +   651d ago
If it's anything like Colonial Marines, it should star Michael Bay...
Fishermenofwar  +   651d ago
Your comment made ms soil myself...Thanks

kB0  +   651d ago
Fishermenofwar  +   651d ago
LightofDarkness  +   651d ago
Survival horror or leave it alone. And stop re-using scenery and plot-points from the movies, Colonial Marines should've taught everyone that it is just a pointless endeavour.

Introduce new characters, make them as helpless as the crew from the original, make each xenomoprh (maybe just one throughout the entire game) a terrifying encounter with a 99% mortality rate. The object should be to escape them, not stand toe-to-toe with them. The object should be to defeat/escape them with traps and guile, like a good survival horror game.
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Perjoss  +   651d ago
They mostly screw up Aliens games, mostly.
brianace  +   651d ago
If Aliens: Colonial Marines didn't teach them, what will?
AnotherProGamer  +   651d ago
CM was a bad game because Gearbox took money from Sega to make CM but they spend it on Borderlands 2 and rushed CM to release

If you really think that's gonna happen again you're wrong. They will probably get a developer that won't focus on another project when they were suppose to make another
e-p-ayeaH  +   651d ago
A next gen alien game might be good this time around if the developer is sure to make something decent then why not? its not like the frachise is any less "ruined" by videogames.
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