Journalist Patrick O’Rourke Worked His Way to the Top.

Many outsiders may view games journalism as an easy career, but those in the know are aware that it can be anything but. Postmedia('s Technology (Incl. Games) Editor Patrick O'Rourke spoke with Brian Sharon about exactly how hard it can be to break into the industry.

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1730d ago
caseh1730d ago

'In reality, I spent the last two years while in University writing for free for various gaming blogs and building up my own blog.'

I'm failing to see what is so inspiring about that to be honest. Most people I was in uni with had to work more hours than they studied just to pay tuition fees, a hardship Mr O'Rourke probably didn't have to endure.

BrianSharon1729d ago

Actually he worked part-time at Zellers for 7 years to pay for his tuition.

silkrevolver1730d ago

This is REAL pointless...