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"It seems that Sonic: Lost World’s gameplay has collapsed in on itself under the weight of all the extra bullshit laid on it. But whereas one could argue that the Wii U version of the game has a shiny exterior going for it, the less-powerful 3DS is resigned to execute a mundane excuse for a game with no real redeeming qualities."

~ Gil Almogi, GameRevolution

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Activemessiah1797d ago

Come off it, it's not THAT bad.... is it? o_O

Ol_G1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

no it's not bad as a owner i find it better than the last sonic games it can be difficult at times and the speed is a bit lower but the platforming is awesome and the stages very creative the only thing i found was that some levels really let you die a lot a bit of trial error if you know whats coming you can anticipate but some people will see this as unfair
edit. was talking about the wii u version didn't see this review was for 3ds my bad

Summons751797d ago

Wow, people are really going out of their way to give every nintendo exclusive bad scores.....lot of butthurt people who are afraid of change I suppose. This game is tons of fun, not amazing but not as terrible as these trolls claim either. I mean Sonic has never been an AMAZING game but simple and fun, which is the whole point.