Rain Review – Perfect for a Rainy Day (TheKoaltion)

Garrett from the Koalition writes:

Some might find rainy days to be dreary, but I take odd comfort gazing outside my windows. The drizzle that plops against my window provides a comforting sound that contrasts the dreary grey skies. Rain perfectly emulates how I feel about the actual weather, creating dire situations for its two protagonists while balancing it with beautiful, reflective moments.

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rbailey1674d ago

Very interesting concept for a game and it also reminds me of Limbo.

garrettglass1674d ago

Kind of except WAY less bleak lol.

1674d ago
Clover9041674d ago

I love this game. I got 100% of the trophies, and enjoyed every minute of it :D

garrettglass1674d ago

It is a good game! I'll definitely revisit it sometime in the future.

serratos271674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Good game, definitely going to beat this game a second time. I loved how the two characters cared so much for each other, guess surviving the darkness kind of leaves you no choice but to work together lol. Hopefully those memories help fill in the gaps in the story though. Still curious as to how and why they ended up there.