Xbox One: Can't Change Dashboard Background Color, X360 Rechargeable Battery Not Compatible And More

Microsoft's Albert Penello has shared some new details about upcoming next-gen Xbox console, "Xbox One".

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GalacticEmpire1798d ago

So you can't even have your own background?

Lalanana1798d ago

Would be weird if you could not. I am curious on what he means by changing tiles though

4Sh0w1798d ago

If the controller and headsets are not compatible why would the battery pack be? So you can change the tiles but not the background? Seems stupid if you cant at least select different background themes.

ThanatosDMC1798d ago

They're gonna sell background themes.

Mystogan1798d ago

You can change the tiles colors. But the background will stay the same. Its a shame really. But who knows maybe after launch?

Eonjay1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The background color being locked seems odd.
Anyway, this question is great:

"when you snap tv while playing an xbo game how does the sound not conflict? One louder than other or can you toggle?"

AP: "for now, the audio will mix."

Okay well they should fix that or let you mute certain modes by voice "Xbox Mute Game" or "Xbox Mute TV" some type of directive like that should solve it.

egidem1798d ago


Took the words right out of my mouth.

FamilyGuy1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

"X360 Rechargeable Battery Not Compatible"

Could it be ANY MORE CLEAR now that MSs whole purpose of having there AAs batteries in controllers is to sell you an over priced accessory in the play and charge kit?



"If the controller and headsets are not compatible why would the battery pack be?"

Hmmm, maybe because ALL AA batteries come in a standard size?

PoSTedUP1798d ago

@ thatsoDMC- "we couldnt enforce dmr but we're still gonna getcha.. oh yeah we're gonnna getcha".

4Sh0w1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Familyguy what are you talking about? If your point is that its another accessory you have to buy if you want to rechargeable batteries for your controller then OK point taken but that was known along time ago when they confirmed the 360 controller and headset were not compatible (no old accessories) with X1 because of the new wi-fi direct tech etc. (future adapter will be available) So knowing this with given the different battery design of the X1 internal/ tech vs 360 external design obviously its not going to fit.

"Penello also confirmed that rechargeable battery packs from the Xbox 360 won't be compatible with Xbox One as the design is completely different."

This is like confirming that ps4 wont do tv integration like X1 because it doesnt have hdmi in. Of course not because by design it cant so should I write a news post centered around a obvious answer. Dont misunderstand this is different cause extra cost but its but not new info.

darthv721798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@family...rechargeable batteries are different than the 360 rechargeable battery pack (aka Play and charge). the physical design is what he is eluding to.

Obviously if the unit supports regular AA batteries then it can support rechargeable AA batteries but the PnC kit (for 360) is the entire size of the battery pack on the 360 controller.

so you can relax now. You will be able to use those rayovac or energizer or duracell or whatever brand of rechargeable AA batteries you prefer.

TheGrimReaper00111798d ago

Well, based on the fact that it looks like Windows 8, I gues you are going to be able to:
- make them bigger or smaller
- place them where you want
I dont really understand why you cant change the color. How hard can it be?

DonkeyWalrus1798d ago


You CAN change the color of the tiles. What you can't change is the color of the actual background.

UnHoly_One1798d ago

How is anyone surprised that the rechargeable play and charge packs are not compatible???

Seriously, one look at a picture of the controller and it's very obvious that it wouldn't work.

I don't get how that was even a serious question.

As for the background color, I wish they would allow it just to make everyone else happy, but I personally would never change it from the plain black.

UnholyLight1798d ago


Enjoy the moment when your PS4 controller can't sustain much of a charge anymore. Same happens to my one friend that has a PS3. Every time I go to his house to play CoD we have to plug my controller in because it won't charge long enough to sustain extended play time!

Hopefully this doesn't happen for a long ways down the road for my PS4 controllers ;/

The_Con-Sept1798d ago

Xbox fanboys be like "That's ok. I like my background boring and green."

LonDonE1798d ago

lol ps3 has had this feature for years

Death1797d ago

Actually, I don't think the Xbox fanboys really care what the background looks like. Speaking for myself, I pre-ordered my Xbox One for the games. If the background color is your breaking point, I would image down the road we will see other choices available with system updates or like mentioned above, it may show up as paid DLC.

P_Bomb1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

If you came to my house that wouldn't be an issue, as I'm not an idiot. Tell him to charge his controller for 20min every now and then instead of playing with a flashing red light on zero bars for an hour. Remedial cell phone/blutooth/laptop/tablet/i pod/camera logic here.

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Blaze9291798d ago

backgrounds arent really that big of a deal especially coming from the xbox 360 where every update just made your paid bg now null and out of place.

TKCMuzzer1798d ago

I think self customization on all my devices is important. I like to make things feel like mine, it's a shame the Xbox One doesn't really allow this, I always liked the fact I could have different themes when the 360 was originally released.

3-4-51798d ago

They will charge for backgrounds. Something that cost them almost nothing. They can't ever just give people something can they?

UnHoly_One1798d ago

Right, 3-4-5, because Sony doesn't charge for stuff like that at all.


Mystogan1798d ago

You can change the color of the tiles but the background will stay black. For now at least.

Eonjay1798d ago

Maybe they are tying to preserve a high contrast effect.... not sure.

H0RSE1798d ago

If the default is black, I don't think many will have a problem with not being able to change it. Now if it was hot pink or line green...

davidDIRK1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

That sucks. That's one of the things I like about ps3 custom FREE downloadable themes.
Naked chicks, super heros, quintin tarintino shit. Xbox 360 is so bland. Solid but bland. Plus I hate how they're always changing the dash just when I memorize where everything is at. Its a shame about the battery packs seeing as I have 3 of them and the quick charge station. Greedy bastards. They want another $40 for xbone ...guess what...??ain't gonna happen. Ps4 and PC for me. Peace out microshat.

malokevi1798d ago

That ticks me off. If you wcan do it on the 360, why not on XB1? At least give us some options...

Hell, W8 metro interface has a ton of different background settings. This is an unsatisfactory answer. I would appreciate an explanation that doesn't have to be said in 140 characters or less.

Also, as far as volume for snapped apps, it would be nice to be able to adjust the balance. They would be stupid not to have such a feature at some point in the next year.

Come on. For all the awesome tech, they cant even get the simple stuff right? Why does that not surprise me....

VENOMACR12271798d ago

Does the background really matter though? Usually your not just staring at the start-up menu. Either your playing a game, watching a video, going to an app, so yea it would be nice, but it's not really that big of a deal, to me at least. I would think it would have been an easy thing to add in, but it's not a deal breaker for me. It's just a wallpaper which is mostly going to be covered up by the icons and everything on your home page.

malokevi1798d ago

Don't get me wrong, I really don't care. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter in the least. But, I changed the background on my 360 because there were some nice alternatives. It's always nice to have options, especially when it's something you will spend a lot of time looking at.

I spend tons of time on my X360 dash, and expect to spend even more time on my X1 dash. Seems like a relatively simple thing to leave out of an otherwise stellar package. I mean, the background is black anyways, couldn't be that hard to code it in.

And here I am, pretending like I know how hard it is to code for X1, lol. But I do have rudimentary programming knowledge, and these aesthetic changes are always the easiest ones to make.

H0RSE1798d ago

Compare the 360 dash at launch to now...I'm sure X1 will go through some pretty big changes.

Avernus1798d ago

I suspect they're saving the background for advertising room also.

AngelicIceDiamond1798d ago

Its not MS main concern at the moment they just the dash to run smooth and everything operational. I'm sure they'll update the dash to where it supports customized themes later.

It sucks but Not a real big deal.

Magicite1798d ago

ugly green color all the time?

Back-to-Back1798d ago

Much like the 1st iteration of Windows 8. Really surprised they would lock this feature out considering 8.1 allowed it.

Gozer1798d ago

Why do you care, you have no intentions of owning an X1. You are just doing your usual trolling.

GalacticEmpire1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I just think it's a bit crap that you can't have your own backgrounds, I'm allowed to have an opinion.

Plus you don't know what my intentions are or what the definition of trolling is apparently.

AO1JMM1798d ago

Odd considering you can add your own wallpaper to the background on windows 8.1.

MiHX21798d ago

What????No!!!!!!!!!!FUUUUUUU!I don't want everything to be black!!!!

Pogmathoin1797d ago

Damn Galactic, I could of get so many agrees for such a a simplistic statement! But I was not first!! Damn!

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Lalanana1798d ago

Hm when you snap Tv while play video will mix.. How could there be any other assumption? lol

Gozer1798d ago Show
PsylentKiller1798d ago

For the time being, until they fix this, all we would have to do is lower the volume in game's settings or lower the cable box volume.

FunAndGun1798d ago

So every time you want to snap you have to change the game settings or use the TV/cable remote. @[email protected]

colonel1791798d ago

Shouldn't it be so you choose which audio feed to listen?

PsylentKiller1798d ago

Yes it should be a quick button press away to swap audio or a simple spoken command. You know, we still don't know how the audio will be mixed it may be that the app we are using is louder than the the other. Kind of how when you snap, you control the snapped app until you change it back to the other app.

GarrusVakarian1798d ago

The sound will mix? That's pretty dumb, i don't see how hard it would have been to implement an option to choose which one you want sound coming through.

XboxFun1798d ago

No worries about the color background. Especially since they do a dash update every now and then. If it really is a problem or something users want to do MS should be able to implement it.

maximus19851798d ago

well aslong as its ok by you thats all that matters really

Jazz41081798d ago

Non issue for ms until after launch as they have alot more pressing issues to work on. This goes for the ps4 as well as many advertised games and features are missing from both machines until they are updated after launch or released next quarter.

ABeastNamedTariq1798d ago

You can't change the background color? Aw man. The black is sexy but, what if I feel like red? Lol.