Top 10 Most Scantily Dressed Babes

SuperCheats looks over the history of games and the most revealing girls throughout the years. Even if games have evolved since their conception, newer games aren't necessarily more progressive than older, nor are older games worse off for showing pixelated skin.

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KonsoruMasuta1189d ago

*Unzips pants*

Alright, I'm ready. My type of article.

tim0141189d ago Show
dark-kyon1189d ago

fail list,where is cammy,mai shiraniu.

KonsoruMasuta1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

or Juri?

MrCastle1189d ago

I have heard of 2 of these girls. Those Asian Boys must only have one-handed controllers with all this anime skin in their games. Keep the other hand free for....stuff.

Bolts1189d ago

There are too many worthless texts in this article and not enough pictures.