Sony uses infographic and gives vague explanation for the high price of PS4 in Brazil

After several received reports frustrated with the price of the PlayStation 4 in Brazilian territory, Sony decided to use an infographic explaining the reason behind the value of the console in Brazil.

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sigfredod1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Ii's a real bummer for brazilians to have to paid that much for a PS4

colonel1791734d ago

They won't. My guess is that whoever wants a PS4 will either import it or buy it from the black market. Only rich people will be able to afford it.

marison1734d ago

Or buy another product that, be it SteamBox, Wii U or Xbox One.

FarEastOrient1734d ago

I can see a black market to get pass the crazy tariff laws. Just like iPhones, it is cheaper to buy them in the U.S. and sell them in Hong Kong in the black market. Crazy when the factories making the phones is only a few hours away.

KentBlake1734d ago

They'd have to be rich AND dumb, because there are so many other options...

I'm certainly going to buy it from as soon as it's available again.

trenso11734d ago

it really is a few of the exchange students in my college are from there and are really upset of the huge price. Importing isn't an option for them either because of all the taxes and fees that come with importing.

rodiabloalmeida1734d ago

Vague explanation. Thats just it. Super vague and it explains nothing.

LEOPARD10301734d ago

63% in taxes,the economy of the 3rd world .

colonel1791734d ago

That's why they remain 3rd world countries. The governments are thieves. Out of that 63%, the people don't see more than 1%, everything else go to politicians' pockets.

Manic20141734d ago

I still don't understand how it can be a higher price than the x1......

sincitysir11734d ago

Actually he's right. I live in brazil and my mom works near the company who is building the xboxes. Import taxes are super high. Idk why Sony didnt just say that

Manic20141734d ago

Actually i read that the console is being manufactured in taiwan, even if it is manufactured in brazil MS still have to pay the same taxes as Sony due to Microsoft being an International corporation.....

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