CONFIRMED: Playstation Home Not Open Till Fall of 08

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that it will expand the Closed Beta testing for PLAYSTATION®Home in Summer 2008, inviting a further number of registrants from the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®) users. Following completion of the Expanded Closed Beta test, the PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service will commence in Fall 2008.

"We understand that we are asking PS3 and prospective PS3 users to wait a bit longer, but we have come to the conclusion that we need more time to refine the service to ensure a more focused gaming entertainment experience than what it is today," said Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Our overarching objective is to provide users with new gaming experiences that are available only on PLAYSTATION Home. Spending more time on the development and on the Closed Beta testing reaffirms our commitment to bringing a quality service, maintaining the PlayStation® tradition."

The PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service that will become available in Fall 2008 will be built around providing new and fun community gaming experiences, such as connecting PlayStation games with Home and providing places and items from the games.

Details of the Closed Beta testing features, registration for the test and the opening of the service will be announced as they become available.

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-EvoAnubis-3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

WTF happened to Spring!?

Man, to hell with it. If they were going to put out the open beta in July, I might still care. At this point, I really don't. I love my PS3, I think it's awesome, but they are dropping the ball HARD on this whole Home thing. They had advertisements up for it last year holiday season, and now they're saying that most of the members of PSN won't even get a taste until this fall.

Now I'm at the point where when it comes, it comes. I'll enjoy it when it's out, but until I look on the PS Store and see it, I can honestly no longer bring myself to care.

Edit: @Marceles: It damn well better not be. I'm starting to get a little pissed here.

chaosatom3333890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

just release in-game commnication, and keep working on HOME.

I don't get why they had to release the info, just a few days before gta.

I don't get why EVERYTHING is put in the WINTER OR FALL.

WE seen so much of HOME. TEll us the reason for delay atleast.

I don't really want to be mean but Sony, You better add some DAMN good features by the time it's released.

YOU shall get 2000 degrees.

Marceles3890d ago

figures...but I agree, at least give us the in-game communication..i hope thats not delayed past summer as well

jwatt3890d ago

That's what I'm saying, just release in-game xmb and I wouldn't mind Home coming out in the fall.

Since it will be released in the fall this is what I like to see in Home.

Arcade games, pool, chess, connect four, basketball shootouts, a baseball field where you can also join with other people in a game of Kickball, a place you can go to have a paintball match, live video feeds of online matches being played by other players, A palce where you can go to play a live game like maybe 1 vs 100, the abilty to have youtube in your homespace, special events, and special lobby's.

ScentlessApprentice73890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I bet when it finally releases it will kick some major A$$!!!

Edit: Isn't in-game XMB coming out this Summer?

"Even In His Youth He Was Not Fed!"

Edit: Whoever disagreed; the only reason I say that "virtue comes to those who wait" is because I CAN WAIT. I love videogames but it certainly isn't my livelyhood. I love hunting for poon in the meanwhile.

games4fun3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

i no longer care for home and i will be the first to admit this is pretty pathetic and sony aint making it easier and the waitstation name has gained merit

also if you plan on flaming the ps3 this is pretty wide open target have a go at it i dont blame you, if i heard of some important wii/box feature that was supposed to be out a year ago and is being delayed even more i would make a joke about it as well

all i care for now is that sony justs gives us ingame xmb which i find more important anyway also the debacle with the shirts (inshirt-xmb) still has me a little miffed

from this point on i dont care about any Home developments until its the fact that its sitting in the pstore for download then ill give it a try

i am glad that gtaIV, mgs4 and games i wanted are coming out this year i'll play those instead of waiting for home i'm gonna go play warhawk or study for college exams

3890d ago
games4fun3890d ago

whoever disagreed with you should at least say why

sonarus3890d ago

I saw this coming so i am in no way surprised. With no GTA content in time for home, i think i will be taking my chances with the 360 version thank you very much. I still don't expect home to come out in fall. By E3 they will be pushing it back some more. Sony FTW

Ghoul3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

jeez calm down allready

i rather want sony to take theyre time for home to make it perfect, you guys act like your live depends on it, on one day you praise sony as beeing the absolute uberpower in the universe and once they crush your RUMOR dreams you insult them and act like they owe you a open beta in spring.
More and mroe people get invited over time, and home gets better and better each update. now you scream F* sony and that you dont care about home, but once it's out you will be hyped all over it again.

well i think we had some major cool FW updates and many more to come on the way we got a new store ingamexmb has been confirmed, ingame communication will come soon too wtf is your problem then ?

maybe you guys stop hyping yourself on RUMORS then you wont get disapointed.

PLiPhaze3890d ago

Trust me I'm on the beta & you wouldn't want any kind of open beta right now, the level of crying would be unfathomable, we need a few bugs to be removed first.

As it stands me & some other testers are gonna try in-home game launching on GTA:IV when it comes out (some tested it with GT5:Prologue & reported positively)

So it's coming along

SlyGuy3890d ago

...we have some more refinements to do to the engine and add more Antialiasing and blah blah blah...

Home will NOW be released with PLAYSTATION 4!!!


Cicinho3890d ago

sony you can stick it up your áss. All this waiting is doing my head in with all the rumours and crap, just fúcking cancel the whole thing, its taken over a year and you still cant fix it. Face the facts sony, you will never get it to work.

Time to call it a day.

-EvoAnubis-3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Rumor? They ****ing said the open beta would be in the Spring! How the hell is it a rumor it IT CAME FROM SONY THEMSELVES!?

Edit: @ sonarus: I agree to a point.

"Anyone thinking home will arrive in perfect condition is living a pipe dream. It will be fvkd at first and more features will be added on as we go."

I'm with you. This is what I expected.

"If they delayed it to add these features i wouldn't mind but trust me when it releases,"

Damn all that. Get it out; fix it later.

"there will still be some promised stuff that won't be there yet."

And I'm back with you. I'm fine with some of the features not being there at launch. But just get that goddamn thing OUT ALREADY!!!

2nd Edit: @ adalwolfe: Go spam somewhere else. Try the open zone. Ot at the very least, not responding to a post from EvoAnubis.

3rd Edit: @ Ghoul again: I'm not saying that Sony hasn't done greatness thus far this year. I love the new FW features, and overall i am very happy with what the PS3 offers me.

But you have to understand that A: i am a GAP member, and have been for over two years. I should have been in the beta from the jump off. B: This beta was actually told to us that it would come out last fall at GDC by Phil Harrison, and that didn't happen. Then it was told to us that it would come out this Spring, and apparently that isn't happening either.

I don't having carrots dangled in front of my face. If you say that I'm supposed to have something in a certain timeframe, give it to me. I don't like being depicted fiction to.

sonarus3890d ago

Anyone thinking home will arrive in perfect condition is living a pipe dream. It will be fvkd at first and more features will be added on as we go. If they delayed it to add these features i wouldn't mind but trust me when it releases, there will still be some promised stuff that won't be there yet.

3890d ago
Ghoul3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

so what anubis ?

its not ready, stop acting like they owe you/us an open beta.
They said the expanded the beta so open your underground account (if you havent allready maybe you get an invite)

jeez sony did EVERYTHING right the last 6 months, they work really hard to please us and they deliver and yet you totally freak out on a delayed beta wich was likely to delay, it's a insanly ambitious program wich better be perfect when going public (wich an open beta is).

new store
superior ps3 versions
new fw updates
superior bluray player
bluray won the disc war
ingame xmb was confirmed
ingame communication is around the corner

what else you want mate ? im very pleased with sony.

thanks for the spam, your wrong here mate try another topic.

EDIT :: anubis

dude i agree with you, home should be out yes, but people flip because of that news wich is just overreacting.
A open beta is mainly to stress test an almost final product
A Closed beta is to test bugs and major flaws of a software, and sadly home seems to be taht ambitious that it needs alot of time to iron those errors out of the prog.

Yes everyone can be pissed about the delay, but its the overreaction im sick about, people yell "F*k sony" and "i officially dont acare about home anymore", and thats where i step in and tell you to calm down. it's a software, FREE of charge give them theyre time they need to make it the experience everyone of you expects it to be.
verdict ? : i rather wait then beeing disapointed because om not missing anything in the mean time.

EDIT 2 : Anubis
from your first post

"Now I'm at the point where when it comes, it comes. I'll enjoy it when it's out, but until I look on the PS Store and see it, I can honestly no longer bring myself to care."

exactly :) remember guys HYPE is the worst enemy (not ms/sony)

-EvoAnubis-3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Ok, on that I certainly agree with you. Some people get out of hand with the whole thing, and that's out of line. Overreacting is not the answer. We DO have to remember that this is something that Sony is offering for free, but man . . . I am tired of being told a release date for the open beta and it not happening. If they don't know when it's going down, they need to honestly shut the hell up about the whole thing. Get at me when they have something concrete.

Edit: @ . . . aw hell; you know who this is to: Yeah, I hope there's an actual sign up this time, and they just don't pull random GAP members' names out of hats like they did last time. A friend of mine and fellow GAP member got accepted into the first open beta, and he didn't even have a PS3 yet. Still doesn't, in fact.

Ghoul3890d ago


agree with you now too :D see we made it we came to the same point :D


If i read that right sony will offer a signup for the summer closed beta
and then the open beta in fall.

gameraxis3890d ago

an OFFICIAL, CONFIRMED, release date for in game xmb yet??? I think i missed the most recent news on that??

solidt123890d ago

yep. I only care about the games for now. anything else is just extra.

gw4k3890d ago

Do you all remember that? You know, Sony isn't stupid, they have a pretty good idea of how long it takes to produce hardware and to produce games. With that in mind, I think it is clear what is going on here.

Sony know that Home would be a great seller for the Playstation system. They knew if they could say, he it will be out in 2007 people would freak. Sony also knows that if they delay it a little longer they are still in good shape.

Now home has gone from 2007 release date to late 2008! That is a big difference!

Yes, Sony knew this wasn't going to be out by the end of 2007 or by spring 2008.

No Metal Gear Beta, no in-game menus worth a damn, no home, no word on play tv.

I love my Playstation but GODDAMN it I would like to have something to do with it.

princejb1343890d ago

w/e didnt expect home till later on in the year
whats the point of complaining and worrying on something that might never get here

gonzopia3890d ago

Given that Home will be a free service, I'm not sure how much complaining we have a right towards. It's disappointing, yes, but on the bright side, it's just a few more months - and it hasn't been cancelled - so be thankful.

Besides, this is spring. It's time to go out and enjoy the sun and fresh air, and when we come back to our consoles in the fall, Home will be ready for us. ;)

HighDefinition3890d ago


But, Yes this sucks.

Utalkin2me3890d ago

You know all of you keep saying patience, or just wait it will rock trust me. Patience will only go so far, i mean seriously everything is lies from sony. They always promise the world but fall to always deliver and if they do it's way longer than what it should be. How long did it take to get a decent PSN store year and a half WTF? We have to wait almost 2 years for decent games WTF? And we half to wait for features that should be implmented from day 1 WTF? And i remember sony saying next gen doesn't start until we say, well if we would wait on them we wouldn't be playing next gen until 2015 or so.

socomnick3890d ago Show
TruthBTold3890d ago

I honestly didnt even remember when it was supposed to be out, just sometime in spring, I guess I have been more excited about the games that will be coming out this year instead of Home since its a service feature that will be added in time. Now I am waiting for GTA4 and MGS4, maybe Haze, Civilization(anyone else excited about that one), these will keep me very busy throughout spring and summer and then we have those other big games coming out in fall which we all know what they are. Im sure a lot of people are pissed aout this delay but you will all forget about it in a bit and go back to your usual lives so relax.

TheExecutive3890d ago

I am in the beta and trust me when i say it needs more time. It isnt gaming centered like it needs to be. this sucks and sony is dropping the ball hard but at least they are correcting it.

Marceles3890d ago

It's really gone from not believing rumors floating around, to not believing Sony itself...I mean there's alot of rumors that we know (or most of us know) not to believe until it has officially come from Sony's mouth, and for sure Sony said Home was coming in Spring 08...but now it's delayed until Fall...that's gonna be 2 long seasons at least for me unless some good games come out between those dates other than MGS4.

I just want them to keep their word on bringing in-game communication with 2.4 in the summer...seriously if Sony had that and even brought out a cheaper version of their Hall of Fame, alot of dual owners wouldn't have to worry about which third party version to choose since alot of people are buying games for the 360 from the extra features LIVE has...if I was Sony I would've jumped on that, it's like they're running around the office in a circle like a chicken with their heads cut off or they have an "I dont care, we give you what we think you want" attitude. Everyone is screaming to the top of their lungs on the official Blog about bringing in-game XMB and next thing you know they have a new blog about Eye of Judgment cards and a new video codec feature for a new update. That's all nice, but they're not listening AT ALL.

You want in-game communication? Here you you can go on the internet while watching a blu-ray, I mean come on...I just advise them to not bring out another update unless that's included if they don't want to hear 300 comments on their blog asking for this stuff again. "We're working on it" is starting to not be good on it then and don't work on ANYTHING ELSE.

Sorry for the long post lol, but everything has been snowballing recently for Sony...the MGO beta thing is getting blown up by the media, slow PS store clusterf*ck getting blown up, Pachter and VGChartz predictions being way off on PS3 sales, "why GTA4 is way better on the 360" stories...the media is just stomping a mudhole in Sony at the moment and really Sony is only making it even worse on themselves, it just pisses me off

Pain3890d ago

1- its Free so what can u say?
2-when its online it will be there for years to come.
3-when it is Online u can say 'I Remember the old day befor we had Home"
4- I Like to spend Summer/Fall OUTSIDE hanging out soo its kool~

Palodios3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

2 years is too long for the ps3 to be without an defense against achievements and a solid online system. It will already be 3 years into the 360's lifetime when it comes out. 3 years! I'm tired of all the delays. I'm a big sony fan, but I'm really starting to think that maybe 2008 isn't their year after all. Killzone/FF13/RE5/GT5/GoW3 aren't coming till 2009... all I can see are MGS, LBP, and Resistance this year for really big exclusives. What is sony spending all their money on anyway?

potenquatro3889d ago

i understand home is free,but maybe thats the problem.i'll gladly pay $50 a year if it will allow sony to deliver on time, take care of their problems and be some kind of competion to LIVE in someway. i stoped caring for it as well. i want home,but i'm over it. i'm starting to get over in game xmb too. the fact that they havn't given a straight answer or havn't really fixed these issues blows my mind. sony's featureless integration solution is as stupid as the rrod. it clearly shows the limits that these companies pit on themselves when it comes to consumer relations. this gen of consoles showed a leap,but have all been half-arsed some how imo. sony's clock is ticking cause i expect to be playing next-gen by 2010-2011.

Mystery_Person3889d ago

I don't care about HOME anymore. They should just cancel it. I'm sick of this.

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DViOUS1ONE3890d ago

HEY SONY!!!!!!! thanks for keeping my hopes up

MikeGdaGod3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

i can tell you guys, being a beta tester, there isn't much you're missing. i know its easy for me to say since i'm already in but its the truth.

there's still alot you can't do that has been announced. right now there are no trophy rooms, the arcade games suck, no cross-game chat (although there is in-Home text messaging), not enough places to go and over-all not enough to do.

you guys are missing nothing right now.

if you were in the beta, i guarantee you that you would lose interest after a week. there is simply not enough content in Home right now. it wouldn't live up to very one's high expectations.

that being said, i think it would be alot better if they let more people in. it's suppose to be community based and there's hardly anyone ever there.

pwnsause3890d ago

as i said before its unfinished. give it more time

toughNAME3890d ago

aww man how'd I miss this article?

JAKESPLACE_3890d ago

I hate your stupid ass now, im the biggest sony fanboy but news like this stakes thru ma heart, ITS A F&%KIN BETA MENN PHUCKK its not supposed to be perfect for phuckin cryin out loud men u kno, its just frustratin,,theyve been moving this stuff, makin it over ambitious, do they realize some pple bought PS3 coz of HOME since MARCH 07, now this is a year later...


Clinton5143890d ago

So you would prefer a broken HOME right? :|

-EvoAnubis-3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I'd prefer the goddamn beta being out NOW. Hell, I've been using gmail for damn near two years, and THAT'S still technically a beta. Sony needs to get his out, in some way, shape or form, ASAP.

Edit: @NDN_Shadow : I get that. Trust me, I do. But they need to get this thing out, in whatever form it is in, now. Thursday would be good.

NDN_Shadow3890d ago

But when Gmail came out as beta, it was pretty good. If Sony intends to release the HOME beta now, it should be also be pretty good, or else we won't give a damn. Their open beta needs to be almost a full release in order for HOME to be a success. They can always add (unannounced) stuff later, but for HOME to be successful, they better have most of the crap they promised in open beta.

SlyGuy3890d ago

I prefer a BROKEN home than NO home!

At least the home can be fixed WHILE I use it (via updates).

Iron Man 23890d ago

You wish,Shane Kim is the biggest Sony fanboy on the planet,he would die for SONY and PLAYSTATION®3;)


vickers5003890d ago

I'm with you. F*ck HOME, I doubt sony is even working on that sh*t. I mean seriously, how much f*cking time do you need to create a second life with better graphics for a console? All I can say is, it better have some INCREDIBLE features that include, and surpass EVERYTHING that xbox live has to offer.

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Farsendor13890d ago

so you would like sony to release home early half people not connection items disappearing lag and other crap this is sonys first real go at online gaming i think everyone should cut them a break at least they are trying to come out with something new.

Asurastrike3890d ago

No, we would like Sony to hurry the hell up and either release Home or cancel it.

Or hey, how about give us the features that Home promises, that should have come with the system?