Will You Remember Wii | A Look Back on the Life of the Wii

As we draw closer to the end of an era, starting with the discontinuation of the Wii in Japan, we saw it fit to do a quick look back on Nintendo Wii, showing footage of games that highlight both it’s rise to popularity and it’s appeal to many gaming enthusiasts alike.

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XisThatKid1555d ago

Seriously I already forget about it until someone brings up now.

malokevi1555d ago

I'm going to get another one. They are 99 bucks right now, and they play all the classics. Well worth it. Mine broke down a few months ago. I need my Super Mario Bros 3 fix.

XisThatKid1555d ago

Lets see how "hot" this article gets...

Yep1554d ago

Looks like you finally caught on to why this article was made ya troll.

_QQ_1555d ago

Wii had some of the best games this gen.

Ketzicorn1555d ago

Yeah and while I agree Nintendo made some big mistakes with the Wii U I think they have the software coming that will never get the recognition it deserves like X because I think it's just the popular thing in the industry to rag on Nintendo right now.

mcstorm1555d ago

I agree but that can be said about all Nintendo's consoles.

_QQ_1555d ago

I don't see why thats an issue.

Brazz1555d ago

can ya say this about virtual boy? just little joke.

Hell, Nintendo sure have amazing ip's, i even dare saythat they are the best of the "big 3" in the 1º party area.

mcstorm1555d ago

Lol Brazz that never existed 😝 I agree with you I think Nintendo have the best and most successful ips out of the big 3 and I think the sales numbers of games like Mario kart, Zelda and Mario games show this.

Brazz1555d ago

Hell yeah, Wii sure have some amazing games! When you use the Dolphin, and have a good computer, ya can realy make Ps360 level stuff whit games like Xenoblade!

KonsoruMasuta1555d ago

Who can forget it? Everybody and their cat owns one.

Venox20081555d ago

i love wii, good that i can play wii games wii u, still have a good collection of best wii games

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