The endings that no one saw coming this generation

GamesBeat recalls some of the best stories and endings from this video game generation. Chances are you’re still talking about them. Or maybe they’re so bad, it’s better to try to forget. In that case — sorry!

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jounceman982d ago

The Walking Dead was superb from beginning to end, as far as narrative goes. Portal 2 is no surprise, though PoP doesn't all. That game does not fit the bill.

Great list overall. I guess I should get on it and beat some games.

Perjoss982d ago

I thought The Walking Dead was really good up until the end of episode 3, episodes 4 and 5 were really dull for me, had to force myself to finish it.

j-blaze982d ago

great picks, especially RDR and The Walking Dead

i'd like to add MGS4 "this on was epic and surprising!" and Shadows of the Damned

Lifeequals42982d ago

The Portal 2 ending went from one emotional extreme to the next. First you can't believe that GLaDOS has apparently reformed, then she reverts back to normal (holy s*%&!), relief as she lets you go, panic when the turrets appear, and then a giant WTF when the turrets serenade you instead of tearing you to shreds. I loved it.

Lifeequals42982d ago

Oh, and I cheer every time GLaDOS says, "I already fixed it, and you are NOT coming back."

Goro982d ago

I seen TWD ending coming from miles away, though i didn't want to believe it.

DEATHxTHExKIDx981d ago

I didnt think XIII-2 would end on "to be continued" BS.

kenthegreat1981d ago

And I didn't think XIII-2 would happen.

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