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Arkham Origins: Is the Batman Franchise Over?

What are they doing to the Batman Franchise? This post by Kill Streak Media's Kirk Deis talks about Arkham Origins. (Batman: Arkham Origins, Culture, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   585d ago
I haven't seen any hype for the game and to be honest its like people forget about Origins or something
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   585d ago
i wont lie,i forgot this game was coming out,i just remembered saturday that it was near release
Blaze929  +   585d ago
I'd say its because:

-its not being made by Rocksteady
-spinoff title that'll probably be lackluster
-ordered by WarnerBrosEnt for holiday sales with a multiplayer mode no one wants

and they KNOW this, which is why they arent spending the same dollars to promote Origins like the Rocksteady games
adorie  +   585d ago
Warner does this with movies. WTF is the mentality behind this? a Tax Write-Off?
Blaze929  +   585d ago
you know what @adorie, it could very well BE that exactly. I wouldn't be surprised and I know how much I can get away with every tax season on my taxes - so imagine the tax write offs these multi million/billion dollar companies are taking.
princejb134  +   585d ago
im not excited for this game because im currently done buying this gen games
all my money is going towards next gen
Lukas_Japonicus  +   585d ago
Just wait until Rocksteady announce their next gen batman game. Socks will be blown off.
TheEnigma313  +   585d ago
I think the Arkham series will be over, but they Batman story line can continue. I would love to see a batman superman game though. that would be sweet.
SuperBlur  +   585d ago
Superman is long overdue to have his OWN game with no one co-starring it
Kirkusm  +   585d ago
They'd have to make it a dark superman or it'd be like the N64 Superman. Kinda cheesy.
MidnytRain  +   585d ago
I don't think two very different super hero mechanics can be done as well as Rocksteady has shown to do just one. I think there's two much disparity between the two heroes to give the player to play as both without the game feeling incoherent.
optimus  +   585d ago
@cochise... That is most likely on the drawing board seeing as how the next superman movie will be WITH batman. And seeing as it's a warner bros. film you can expect a game to go along with it...i could only speculate that if this batman origins doesn't sell well that they will let rocksteady do the next.
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Hicken  +   585d ago
I agree. This may be the end of the Arkham series, but it's not like they'll never make another Batman game.
strigoi814  +   585d ago
why im not getting the upcoming because this will go out with GoTY edition
TheEnigma313  +   585d ago
I'm waiting on that GOTY edition also. They pulled a fast one on me the first 2 times.
memots  +   585d ago
The first was great , Second ever bigger.

I think number 3 doesnt have much expectation because Arkhan City #2 did give us all we wanted.

I think Origin will do ok , But they need to step away for big and not turn this into Assassin Creed or COD
princejb134  +   585d ago
rocksteady should take on another super hero game
maybe green lantern
Dmd  +   585d ago
I'd like to see a green arrow rocksteady game almost completely focused on stealth.
Kirkusm  +   585d ago
You are so right. That's my biggest fear.
-Foxtrot  +   585d ago
Origins is basically going to be a bigger and improved Arkham City. I mean the main map your in is going to be reskinned from Arkham City with the new bit being upper Gotham.

It's just a quick way by Warner Bros to make some money before this gen ends and before Rocksteadys new game
310dodo  +   585d ago
I just want the next Rock Steady Batman.
Warner Bros. is trying to pull a Activision with 2 Batman teams

not into prequels as well
Heisenburger  +   585d ago
I have this game paid for in full, and I still don't know if I'm picking it up this Friday.
Kirkusm  +   585d ago
hahaha well you should pick it up if you bought it
Heisenburger  +   585d ago
Or I could just switch the money towards AC4 or Killzone.

Really guy?
RedDeadLB  +   585d ago
Are people seriously not interested in this? Get your sticks out of your assess.

I can't wait for it to come out.

Sure, it doesn't look too different from the previous games, but all that means is that it's fun to play.

Seriously, not getting this will probably mean you played one less good game before the Rocksteady sequel we all want happens.
moegooner88  +   585d ago
It looks great from what I have seen, and the fact that it's written by Corey May and Dooma Wendschuh makes me even more excited.
RedDeadLB  +   585d ago
It looks absolutely amazing, more brutal, faster and on a bigger scale.
wannabe gamer  +   585d ago
Ive seen a lot of hype, pretty much everyday on twitter they are giving stuff to show the game off. Its all over N4G everyday too. I preordered about 1-2 months ago and will be ready to play in a few days.
BLAKHOODe  +   585d ago
I was on the fence about getting this, but then I watched the 17 minute gameplay footage they just released and it got me really excited for this game. It revealed a few things I didn't previously know and, graphically, the game looks to be on par with the previous games. So, I think if you were a fan of the look and feel of those games, you will enjoy Arkham Origins.
CrimsonDragon90  +   585d ago
People like to judge first, before they try it. I know this game isn't being made by Rocksteady. But who cares they are probably making Arkham 4. Besides Origins is looking interesting, I believe in WB Montreal. If the person who wrote the dumb article thinks this games is gonna flop and be the end of the Arkham series, he is dumb ass hell. The collector's Edition is sold out, people who missed out on the CE are buying it for an insane price on ebay. That's how much they want origins.

Also, it's not really an origins story. Batmans in his second year of fighting crime. This person hated the trailer, seriously? I thought it was awesome. And yea, I was also disappointed with Affleck as the new batman, but I'm giving him a chance. Remember everyone bitch over Ledger as the joker more then Affleck as batman. I bet this person hated Ledger as The Joker, and when the film premiere, Ledger shut his mouth. So why take the Person who this article seriously. He is just butthurt.
optimus  +   585d ago
1) not all origins stories HAVE to start on year 1...also, next in line would be Arkham 3 if they decide to do it, not 4.
2) you must be like 12 yrs old to start a sentence with "and yea" referencing the new movie that nobody asked you about.
3)... Heath ledger's joker did nothing for me...highly overrated. Disliked all 3 chris nolan's batman... Prefer jack Nicholson's joker.

I'm going to hold off buying this game and wait for a steep discount.
CrimsonDragon90  +   585d ago
1.If Rocksteady makes a next gen Arkham game, it will be the 4th game in the Arkham series. But in chronology order it's, origins,Asylum,city,and if they plan a follow up to city.

2. Does not make any sense. Who the heck is gonna ask me about the film. I was just saying this person is judging Affleck as Batman, before he even gets a chance to say a line.

3.I respect Nicholson for his role as the joker, but Ledger brought the joker role into a new level. Seriously you hate the Nolan trilogy? The trilogy brought in new fans and made Batman even more popular . The Dark Knight, called it overrated but it's the best dam Batman film to date . Or do you prefer Batman and Robin?
optimus  +   585d ago
With all the talk of having a different developer, i had forgotten that this had Arkham in the title, so i stand corrected.

I see your point that people are giving ben affleck a bad rap without seeing the film but for good reason, ben has dawned super hero tights before and it didn't turn out so well for him; and his string of bad movies/acting after that didn't help win over any fans.... Personally, i'd think he'd make a good bruce wayne but not a good batman. I would actually like to see them get another actor for the batsuit for the same reasoning that the writer of the article stated...batman's origin has been told and retold so many times already that it would be refreshing to see a different approach/portrayal; and it's not like having 2 people portray the same character hasn't been done before as was with the Incredible Hulk and Shazam in the late 70's...

And as for chris nolan's batmans i could be here all day to dissect everything i found wrong with them but the main reason i simply couldn't get into them was christian bale's voice as batman, it was just excruciating to listen to it for 2 hrs...not to mention his constant screaming at bad guys was a big step away from the calm, cool, and collected batman/bruce that i'm used to.

I'm glad that series is over and it will be a different director and actor... And i didn't like any of the batmans after tim burton stopped doing them but i could sit through the multi colored, campy joel Schumacher batmans a lot longer just to laugh at how bad they are then any of chris nolan's batmans which were neither funny or exciting for me.

No i'm not crazy for disliking the latest batman movies...there are a lot of high profile so called hit movies that i felt were overrated but the rest of the world seemed to like (avatar, titanic to name 2)... Just as there are big videogames that people think are great but i think they are horrible (Battlefield, bioshock, final fantasy series)... Different strokes for different folks i guess.
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Bolts  +   585d ago
Not for the nextgen consoles = don't give a damn.

With roughly three weeks left the only thing I care about is Nov 15 and the game's I'll be playing on my PS4. To spend any money or time on last gen garbage is a wasted effort.
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Avengingkinght92  +   585d ago
The thing about the next gen consoles they don't have good games at launch IMO. I rather play and old last gen game that's more fun and awesome, then a new next gen game that might sucked and just make me waste money.
Avengingkinght92  +   585d ago
This article sucks, the person who made this article sucks more lol
Sadist3  +   585d ago
I've already traded in GTA 5 to pre pay this game off. Three weeks to finish Batman until the PS4/X1 come out. This game is going to be hot, I don't care if freaking Disney developed it, it's the same formula as the last two games.
CyrusLemont  +   584d ago
1. Are people that thick headed they can't understand that Arkham Origins is metaphorical and associated with the first incarceration of super criminals and being locked away there. It does show the origin of Batman's relationships with his villains but the story is actually something worth playing and seeing considering the rich universe the game is set in.

2. "What amazes me is the beauty and small details this trailer has leading up to how badass Batman becomes as a adult. Watch, after his parents died, he never flinches at a punch or an attack, and stays confident and stands his ground. We also see his face becoming much more refined but also with a more powerful and stronger look to it. But really, what gets me the most, is at the end. After his whole life of getting attacked, he finally decides to punch back. This trailer is just amazingly made.." Said it better than I could. If the guy can't see that, he never will. His head is shaved most likely as a requisite for his training. FYI Bruce does have hair.

3. They aren't playing it safe as they're giving the first encounters with Batman's iconic villains in their interpretation. That's bold for a first video game by a company. If it's really bothering you, just wait until Rocksteady releases their next Batman title (Leaked by Conroy) which will mostly likely be a sequel.

The game isn't as hyped up because it's not Rocksteady, WB Montreal haven't proven themselves yet. They need to develop a reputation for making a good game as Rocksteady did with Arkham Asylum. The hype will follow.

The franchise isn't over, it's just begun for the video game sector. Batman VS Superman will further fuel the fire.

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