Arkham Origins: Is the Batman Franchise Over?

What are they doing to the Batman Franchise? This post by Kill Streak Media's Kirk Deis talks about Arkham Origins.

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NYC_Gamer1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I haven't seen any hype for the game and to be honest its like people forget about Origins or something

pr0t0typeknuckles1736d ago

i wont lie,i forgot this game was coming out,i just remembered saturday that it was near release

Blaze9291736d ago

I'd say its because:

-its not being made by Rocksteady
-spinoff title that'll probably be lackluster
-ordered by WarnerBrosEnt for holiday sales with a multiplayer mode no one wants

and they KNOW this, which is why they arent spending the same dollars to promote Origins like the Rocksteady games

adorie1735d ago

Warner does this with movies. WTF is the mentality behind this? a Tax Write-Off?

Blaze9291735d ago

you know what @adorie, it could very well BE that exactly. I wouldn't be surprised and I know how much I can get away with every tax season on my taxes - so imagine the tax write offs these multi million/billion dollar companies are taking.

princejb1341736d ago

im not excited for this game because im currently done buying this gen games
all my money is going towards next gen

GarrusVakarian1736d ago

Just wait until Rocksteady announce their next gen batman game. Socks will be blown off.

TheEnigma3131736d ago

I think the Arkham series will be over, but they Batman story line can continue. I would love to see a batman superman game though. that would be sweet.

SuperBlur1736d ago

Superman is long overdue to have his OWN game with no one co-starring it

Kirkusm1736d ago

They'd have to make it a dark superman or it'd be like the N64 Superman. Kinda cheesy.

MidnytRain1735d ago

I don't think two very different super hero mechanics can be done as well as Rocksteady has shown to do just one. I think there's two much disparity between the two heroes to give the player to play as both without the game feeling incoherent.

optimus1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

@cochise... That is most likely on the drawing board seeing as how the next superman movie will be WITH batman. And seeing as it's a warner bros. film you can expect a game to go along with it...i could only speculate that if this batman origins doesn't sell well that they will let rocksteady do the next.

Hicken1735d ago

I agree. This may be the end of the Arkham series, but it's not like they'll never make another Batman game.

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strigoi8141736d ago

why im not getting the upcoming because this will go out with GoTY edition

TheEnigma3131736d ago

I'm waiting on that GOTY edition also. They pulled a fast one on me the first 2 times.

memots1736d ago

The first was great , Second ever bigger.

I think number 3 doesnt have much expectation because Arkhan City #2 did give us all we wanted.

I think Origin will do ok , But they need to step away for big and not turn this into Assassin Creed or COD

princejb1341736d ago

rocksteady should take on another super hero game
maybe green lantern

Tdmd1735d ago

I'd like to see a green arrow rocksteady game almost completely focused on stealth.

Kirkusm1736d ago

You are so right. That's my biggest fear.

-Foxtrot1735d ago

Origins is basically going to be a bigger and improved Arkham City. I mean the main map your in is going to be reskinned from Arkham City with the new bit being upper Gotham.

It's just a quick way by Warner Bros to make some money before this gen ends and before Rocksteadys new game

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