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Submitted by excaliburps 769d ago | news

BF4: DICE still mum on next-gen resolution, says they “evaluate best quality & performance tradeoff”

Battlefield 4: DICE still mum on next-gen resolution, says they “evaluate the best quality & performance tradeoff” (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

GarrusVakarian   769d ago | Spam
sigfredod  +   769d ago
when this game will go gold? the release date is almost here they should inform to their customers already what resolutions will be provided on each plataform
famoussasjohn  +   769d ago
Game should be gold for current gen, may go gold for next gen shortly after considering PS4 comes out 2 weeks after and Xbox One 3 weeks later. It should definitely be nailed down by now though lol.
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Kleptic  +   768d ago
or extremely close...They did say they were up against the wall, nearly having to delay, the ps4 and xbox one versions...simply because both companies kept changing hardware configurations and development policies until nearly summer...

but yeah, if its shipping in less than a month on both new better be gold by now...
malokevi  +   769d ago
Am I the only one who doesn't care about the resolution? I can't understand how this is such a huge issue lately. As long as its at least 720p, it's going to look stellar. I'm not even going to notice.

Judging by the gameplay vids that have been leaking, we are going to be JUST FINE! =D
dantesparda  +   769d ago
Yes malokevi, you are one of the few that doesnt care about the resolution. Whether people realize it or not, resolution matters to this game. And 720p is just to low, just look at how fuzzy BF3 looks at 720p, is that what you want? Remember all the earlier reports of the textures looking muddy and not much better than BF3? That's because of the low res look. This game barely looks any better graphically than BF3, so it needs all the help it can get graphically. So yes, higher res would help.
malokevi  +   769d ago
Oh, lol. Then I guess I'll return to blissful ignorance.
BLow  +   769d ago
I'm not saying I don't care about it at all but I'm not obsessed with it as so many people are on this site and out there in the world. I mean were getting 60fps and 64 players on console so I'm happy. Not a PC gamer at all, SO THIS IS NEW FOR ME. If the game is beautiful, which it will be, and fun to play then what's to complain about. Now console owners will get the true Battlefield experience that the PC guys brag about all the time.

I really believe that if when didn't have people bitch and moan about this and just sat the average person in front of the screen and said here and play this. There would be no complaints. What happened about the games being fun and enjoyable with your friends. People act as if making games are easy and everything is just black and white. This is a launch game and I KNOW things will get MUCH better in the future. That's why I'm excited for next gen. But not matter my reasoning or yours, there will always be someone out there who disagrees with you. That's why I only worry about MY opinion on games as well as the options with the friends I play with.

I already have a job and games are an escape for me. I don't need to waste my time and argue over pixels and resolutions especially today because that's like having another job. No thanks...Holy shit this was a long rant...Enjoy games people!!!!!!!!!!
solar  +   768d ago
gaming at a higher resolution is critical imo for a shooter. for me, at 1920x1200 on my PC it helps with determining movement from someone say in a bush. the crisper look helps tremendously
ssj27  +   769d ago
I'm 100% sure this game went gold already is les than a month from release date.

we all know that they will make the xbone equal quality to the ps4 version and will make the p version superior.

the game is juts a current gen game and they can't get it run on next gen system 1080p 60fps? yeah right and I got 4 ps4 in one tv and i will play KILLZONE SHADOW FALL at 8k 120fps on my 8K tv /6 or was it 6/?

even PC elitist now that the xbone or at least the PS4 tech is capable of doing this game 1080p at 60fps on ultra setting on this game without a problem.

I mean just look at KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, it makes this game look almost a current gen game.
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Kleptic  +   768d ago
uh...i wouldn't say a PS4 could do BF4 1080/60fps on ultra without a get that type of performance on a PC you were dealing with gpu's and cpu's that were significantly faster than the PS4's...yeah, there is some lost efficiency because of windows...but the PS4's ~7870 gpu isn't magically on par with a 7970 (roughly twice as powerful) just because of a simple OS...

and...who cares?...just as some pointed out above...60fps was the thing they needed to get right...and they did...from the distance most people play games from in a living room, you're not going to care all that much about pixel counting when the game is in motion...I'm surprised more people aren't just happy they went with 60fps @ some scaled HD resolution...versus Full HD at 30fps...THAT would've sucked...
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Maxor  +   769d ago
The silence tell all. 720p 60 FPS will be the lock down rez and they're not talking about it to avoid the criticism.

Because if this game is indeed running at 1080p 60 fps I'm sure Dice will be shouting it from the roof tops.
GalacticEmpire  +   769d ago
I keep hearing rumours that it's 1080p on PS4 but only 720p on the bone, this isn't helping them.
thrust  +   769d ago
I heard a rumour it's the other way around, madness! ;)
zpoc  +   769d ago
hah... i think you just made up that rumor. good try though.
thrust  +   769d ago
I did wink after it!

Just like the person I replayed to made up his rumour or someone has!
jlo  +   769d ago
I keep hearing rumours that both consoles are too weak to run it at 1080p
svoulis  +   769d ago
I also heard you can't run it at all on a 400$ PC
WarThunder  +   769d ago
I keep hearing rumours that a game called Planetside 2 with 2000 players online can run 1080p on the PS4.
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chilopirrin  +   769d ago
i also hear rumours that no matter what resolutions both consoles can reach, both versions will run the game at 60 fps and 64 players and regardless of that, cod ghost will sell a lot more... that´s just sad
Allsystemgamer  +   769d ago

Yea you can. 100%. A 400$ PC will run it maybe medium to high with AA off
starchild  +   769d ago

What a cop out. If price were the most important thing we should all be playing on the Wii U since it is the cheapest next gen platform.

But this isn't about price, this is simply about which version is better, which is unarguably the PC version.
Computersaysno  +   769d ago
720p on Xbone, 900p on PS4, see it, cos its happening.
solar  +   768d ago
hey are. they use a modified Tablet CPU and a less then exciting GPU onboard. this really isnt next gen, more like gen .5. 1080p/60fps should be standard, the technology to do that has been around for many years now.
srd4484  +   769d ago
Very unlikely to hit 1080p
heliumhead2030  +   769d ago
I read they are both running at 720p on ps4 and Xbox one
TemplarDante  +   769d ago
Fuck the EA/MS parity bs.The PS4 BF4 is 900P, give it to me like that and keep the Bone version at 720P.
zpoc  +   769d ago
console gamers/tv viewers really shouldn't care so much about resolution. when your face is 2ft from a monitor? resolution matters. when you're sitting 6ft away from a screen? not so much. as far as console gaming goes, i'd much rather have a game on 'high' settings (pushing more polys/advanced particle effects/post-processing) and a steady framerate at 720p than a game on 'medium' at 1080p.
MidnytRain  +   769d ago
Disagree. Not EVERYONE'S at a "couch distance" when on their console. Secondly, with couch gaming, you're sitting farther away, but the screen size is bigger, so the factor of distance would be negligible.

While you're preference for more graphical effects over resolution is strange, I suppose that's just what you prefer. Though, it's worth mentioning that certain graphical effects can be visually "counteracted" by lower resolutions that can't even resolve well what the game is putting out.
zpoc  +   769d ago
the average tv size is what, 32"? even up to 60", which is well outside of the norm, at 5-6ft away isn't suddenly going to reveal pixels at sub 1080p that wouldn't be visible at full res.

resolution is not going to be the deciding factor in what makes a game look good or not. preferring actual graphical performance over resolution isn't 'strange', it's common sense - but one that's obfuscated by people's natural inclination to impulsively think "bigger must mean better".

people's fixation on resolution is due to the successful marketing efforts of manufacturers, not fact. people that care about games running at 1080p are the same ones who actually think 240hz tvs are better than 60hz ones for gaming. bigger must mean better!
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Campy da Camper  +   769d ago
Yeah I sit a foot and a half away for every 12" of screen size. My main TV is 54 inch LED and in my recliner I can easily tell the diff from 720 and 1080. Bluray vs DVD is a huuuge difference, too. It not only depends on screen size but the guts of your TV. A rear projection DLP 1080 has same resolution as a OLED or LED but the latter can really make the image and colors pop more.
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MidnytRain  +   769d ago

If you personally can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p from more than 4 feet, that's a personal thing. Many gamers can tell the difference without being an arms length from the screen. If you had to be that close to tell the difference, 1080p resolution TVs would have no purpose in the living room.

Do you game on PC? No one goes into their video settings and drops the resolution below native so they can turn up the graphical settings. It's common knowledge. You set your resolution to native (the best/highest your screen allows), then adjust the graphical settings to get the performance you want. Ask anyone. Dropping the resolution is a last resort if the game is unplayable otherwise.
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zpoc  +   766d ago
it seems like you're not even reading what i'm saying... my point is, resolution is but one small, non-deciding factor in what makes a game look good or not. the difference between 720p and 1080p is indeed noticeable (though not as much as you'd think) from 6 feet away, but the difference between a game running on 'medium' and 'high' is going to be much *more* noticeable.

and to the other person that brought up the difference between dvd at blu ray... dvds display at 480p, not 720p.
venom06  +   769d ago
IT DOESNT MATTER!!! as long as its a buttery smooth 60FPS/w 64 man servers (both of which we didnt have on the 360/PS3) and as long as it looks WORLDS BETTER THAN 360/PS3... that's all that matters... the game will be great..
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srd4484  +   769d ago
FPS is king for this game. 64 players with big destructible maps will need 60fps to play smooth
xKugo  +   769d ago
This is why you play on PC. Don't have to worry about PC being to weak to handle playing game the way it was meant to be played. Bet neither are at 1080p..
Destrania  +   769d ago
My guess is it runs in 1080p on PS4 and not on Xbone.
dantesparda  +   769d ago
900p at best for the PS4 and probably 720/900p for the X1.
Destrania  +   769d ago
Well considering every other game coming out on PS4 is native 1080p, I think BF4 shouldn't (probably) downscaled to match the Xbone.
srd4484  +   769d ago
Most likely will be 900p/720p. But as long as it's 60fps, then it really wont matter. Just give me 60fps and 64 players
Shakes  +   769d ago
The dodging of the question means he is trying for 1080p but it runs badly like that so before he throws in the towel and goes for 720p he is going to keep trying for a while.
Coach_McGuirk  +   769d ago
sounds to me like they decided 60fps and 64-person matches got priority over resolution, which I agree with.
AllyBhoy82  +   769d ago
I think if both versions were to be the same they wouldn't be so secretive about the specs, just like how open they were about pc version being better because its not in competion with the consoles. So logic would say there is a difference between ps4 and x1
jlo  +   769d ago
Console gamers arguing over who gets 1080p is like a bunch of tramps arguing over a half eaten mcdonalds sandwich. Even if you get it, it's still out of date.
KNWS  +   769d ago
You can tell by this video the XB1 is running Battlefield great. I think the resolution is much higher than 720P after watching the video.
windblowsagain  +   769d ago
It'll either be.

1080p PS4
720P - 900p XBOX ONE

I think the PS4 will have higher rez textures and more assets.

But we'll see.
Animal Mutha 76  +   769d ago
Interesting this debate. We must consider that as EA are having a love in with MS it's likely that the console versions will be comparable. I'm not convinced either console can do 1080/60 on a game like this.

I played BF4 on X1 at Eurogamer and I'm certain it's resolution was a lot higher than 720 but I don't think 1080. The thing is the X1 apparently has a really good scaler which can make an image look better than perhaps it is.

I think 900p upscaled for both consoles is likely. If X1 turns out to be better I think N4G will melt followed by accusations from the Sony fans of tampering by MS.

For me it's telling that all the videos we have seen recently are X1. Where is the quality PS4 footage? (Goes to YouTube to look ).

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