The Wii U death spiral, and how Nintendo can reverse it

It's hard to overstate the importance of momentum in the console gaming market. A new system has to come out of the gate fast, selling enough units of both hardware and software to prove to publishers that there's a good reason to focus at least some of their development efforts on it. If those initial sales aren't there, publishers may start ignoring the system altogether, which makes players even less likely to buy the system, and on and on, until the console is a barely remembered footnote in the ongoing console wars.

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PopRocks3591758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Wii U "death spiral"?

I know the Wii U has its share of issues in sales, but come on! It recently saw a sales spike thanks to Zelda, albeit a modest one.

MyFeetHurt1758d ago

this xmas will be the final death blow to the wii U, it wont see anything compared to xbox or sony, and thatll be the final death blow.

wii U wont see anything but mario titles by 2014.

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herbs1758d ago

Yes HurtFeet the holiday season is definitely when the Wii U will stop selling and die off most definitely. Nintendo is so totally doomed forever this Xmas because no one buys stuff at that time of year and theres an immensly huge selection of awesome games coming to Xbox one and PS4. Mario, Wii U sports, Wii U fit and Wii party U are all games that historically sell horribly and nobody wants them nobody. Nintendo is so totally going to death blow itself into oblivion and cease to exist forever because Fanboyism.

TekoIie1757d ago

Yeh Bayonetta 2, Smash bros, Xenoblade 2 and Donkey Kong are just invisible to you right?

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3-4-51758d ago

Outright lying in title = no views from me. I just want the truth, none of this BS to sell stories.

LOL_WUT1758d ago

Thanks to Zelda? Looks like someone forgot all about the price cut.

Aside from Mario 3D World what other games does Nintendo have to fall back on for the rest of 2013? The W101 came and went and Sonic lost worlds isn't quite what everyone made it out to be. Lets face it Nintendo is in a difficult situation. November is going to be a very interesting month ;)

Yep1758d ago

Price cut doesn't do anything without a simultaneous release of games. A price cut alone didn't help the 3DS or Vita.

In fact, there was barely a surge in sales after the price cut of the 3DS. The HUGE spike came after 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

But nice try ;)

iamnsuperman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


"In fact, there was barely a surge in sales after the price cut of the 3DS. The HUGE spike came after 3D Land and Mario Kart 7."

Actually that isn't true. The 3DS price cut came in mid to late August and for some reason the sales spiked (from 4.32 to 6.68. The previous three month span had less than a million sold ). Then Christmas it went up another 125% to 15 million. Now you can count the games having an effect but the price being dropped by a third would have helped as well (arguably more so). The price drop was only in effect for a two or three possibly 4 weeks and there was a sales spike. Then you add the Christmas rush and the spike can be explained by the price drop

Games help a price drop (no doubt) but don't underestimate how much that 30% price cut did for the system


Yep1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


3DS Price Drop was July 28th, 2011 ( After that followed Star Fox 64 3D on Sept. 9, followed by Super Mario 3D Land in November, Mario Kart 7 in December and Kid Icarus: Uprising in March.

This is what I meant by the price drop not really doing anything in comparison to the release of a slew of games:

(A small spike after the price drop, Star Fox didn't do anything as it was a 3D reboot, Super Mario 3D Land is where the huge spike began and Mario Kart 7 sealed the deal. KI didn't do jack either).

I really wasn't pulling these facts out of my ass

BullyMangler1758d ago

ha haaa exactly but they wont report the good stuff just what makes them feel BETTER . . ha haaaa sony fanpies will do their best to make nintendo look bad or worse than sony ha ha haaa so they use saLes in order to feel good about something ha < fact

justin biber more saLes than 2pac . . does this mean Bieber has more skill more talent than 2pac?

saLes EXPOSED!!!

ritsuka6661758d ago

This is N4G, they not like good news of Wii U.

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

XisThatKid1758d ago

Doubt they can show me anything to turn me into a consumer and despite this site I am not alone there isn't MUCH of a market for the non bias non nintendo fan out there. Especially since we have such alternatives Tablets Phones PS4 X1. most bases are covered besides the only thing that keeps them where they are and that's 1st part exclusives dislike what you want but this is told as true. Nintendo needs a new niche to be as successful as it's competitors especially this gen hate it or not.

I don't have blind faith in this company or anyone for that matter but I do make my choices and I do indeed take my side but I wouldn't "hate on" a company's product for without reason if did so. I owe them nothing I had just as many good memories with NES that I had with my Sega Genesis, PSOne, DreamCast, Atari etc. I don't have this boundless faith that they can pull out of anything in real life. The Wii was a flash in the pan I doubt they can exploit an untapped market like that again doing what they are doing and in today's market and the competition is ridiculous. Yea rehashed HD remakes and franchise milking might pay the bills on a steady income but there will be a time where mediocrity will no longer be allow to skate by and exploiting its blind fans, NINTENDO - "Leave luck to heaven" and all that.

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NYC_Gamer1758d ago

Wii U isn't dying and the console doesn't need to break sales records to be successful for Nintendo

caseh1758d ago

Maybe not dying but no doubt its going to have a difficult Christmas.

Two new consoles that every man and his dog will be buying compared to a fledgling console that is has a HD remake of a Zelda game.

A sizeable price cut would help but personally, I would rather drop the extra £100-£150 on a PS4 or XB1.

iamnsuperman1758d ago

I think even Nintendo have written off Christmas this year. It would be unfair to think they could. What is worrying for Iwata is if the PS4 and or One sell more units within a year he is in trouble. Wii U has a better chance next Christmas but honestly it needs the games and to drop in price (I think a sub £200 is a sweet spot for it with new systems coming out)

caseh1758d ago

Yah it deffo needs to be less than £200 here in the UK.

Even the Vita is looking more alluring these days, I saw it advertised with 2 good games (KZ and 10 psn titles) and an 8gb memory card for £139.99 yesterday.

£250 for a Wii U is a stretch considering everything else thats about.

davidDIRK1758d ago

Wii u blows. Bring out the hot chick in stilettos and stomp that lousy console into a million pieces. Hell yeah. Bo-ner!

Neonridr1758d ago

@caseh - good luck finding a PS4 or XB1 if you didn't preorder... So everyone and their dog will not be purchasing either of those consoles. Only those who really, really wanted them.

With a $100 lower price tag than its nearest competitor and a larger library of games available (not to mention every Wii title to boot) and you have an attractive little system there..

caseh1758d ago

Everyone who has pre-ordered won't be buying a Wii U. Those who missed pre-orders still won't buy a Wii U, they will simply hold onto their Wii/PS3/360 and wait for the next shipments.

$100 less simply isn't enough of a lure if you ask me.

Neonridr1758d ago

@caseh - you mean $100 with an included game.

I mean right now my Future Shop (Similar to Best Buy in the US) is selling the Zelda Wii U console with Black Ops 2 thrown in for free. That's $300 for the system and 2 games. To me that is one heck of a deal.

Dunban671758d ago

What does the Wii U need to accomplish in order to be succeful for Nintendo? Can The Wii U be successful for Nintendo yet it not be successful for most who purchase it?

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king_george1758d ago

Smash bros will give it a nice boost. Theres so many fans.

STGuy10401758d ago

The Wii U is doing well since the Zelda bundle was released.

Axonometri1758d ago

Upcoming games for Wii U will sell the console. 2014 should speed up a lot.

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