8 Great Comic Book Games

With games like Superman 64 and other barely passable movie-based games, it’s easy to forget that comic book games can be truly amazing. Since the early days of gaming, comic book games have been a staple. Here’s a look at a few of the great comic book games we’ve been blessed with over the years.

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Venox20081676d ago

i am adding

Spiderman and venom: maximum carnage ... i love this game

YoungKingDoran1676d ago

And Comix Zone... The game where you're actually IN a comic, should've been on this list

30plusgamer1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Comix Zone is cool but not exactly what the writer was going for with this list.

Picking just a few can be tough but you have edit how many you are going to include ^_^

YoungKingDoran1675d ago

I know comix zone isn't based on an actual comic, my comment was kind of a half-joke, thing.
Maybe it could've been a bonus entry, but whatever! I like reminding the world about comix zone, sue me lol

30plusgamer1672d ago

No reason to sue you it is a good suggestion because it's a valid point you are in a comic in it :)