Pokemon-Aime: More Than I Expected

My thoughts on the feature included on Pokemon XY, Pokemon-Aime.

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PopRocks3591707d ago

Personally I thought this was one of the best features in the game. Kingdom Hearts did something like this with the Dream Eaters, but Nintendo really fleshed the concept out and made it more fun and charming.

NinjaRichParty1707d ago

Yeah! I'm still having a ball playing with different Pokemon I catch. Like I said in the piece, Aime gives these Pokemon a sort of a personality that adds to the depth of the game.

ZeekQuattro1707d ago

I agree. I used it on my starter Pokemon & more often than not my Delphox dodges, negates, or survives blows that should of caused it to faint. Its a fun diversion that can pay off big time for those that have the patience.

djplonker1707d ago

I am the only one that rubs thier crouch?

The faces some of them pull is priceless... yes I am that immature!