This Week's Purchase: SEGA Dreamcast

DC - "Last week I talked about my recently amassed collection of Mega Drives, and since then I’ve got my hands on another SEGA classic; The Dreamcast. Today I’ll be looking at SEGA’s final machine in detail, and discuss my own experience with this notorious games console."

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Goro1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Only 15 years late...

abzdine1612d ago

yeah man, best feeling ever when this dream console was about to hit the shelves..
some of my best gaming memories.. Soulcalibur, Code: Veronica, Power Stone, Grandia, Shenmue, Eternal Arcadia, Dead or Alive 2......... the list is long!!

OrangePowerz1612d ago

I love Shenmue 1 and 2, awesome games.

MadMax1611d ago

Same here, best feeling playing the dreamcast! It had to be the great library of games maybe, or the feel you got firing up the machine and seeing the dreamcast logo swirl with that crazy sound!

Ive played alot of consoles over the years and none of them have come close to that feeling you get with the dreamcast. Thats why i still own one with a ton of games. Long live the dreamcast!!!!!

Ketzicorn1612d ago

I think the Dreamcast shows how system sales numbers don't always tell the whole story. Great system with some great games.

TheEnigma3131612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

DC is the best arcade console ever made. I wish it survived longer. I have 2 DCs. I bought a 2nd one for 5 bucks at megacon. Dreamcast had the best fighting games I have ever played on console.

weirdo1612d ago

beautiful machine/games

PoSTedUP1612d ago

i love this retro concept of jorunalism, wish there was more of it like this, even addng some cool gameplay to it would be icing on the cake, im always watching youtube vids of retro games as well as playing them. you got my vote!

house of the dead II with the guns
sonic adventures
virtua tennis
crazy taxi
football games were better with two players than any other console.

the dreamcast was the shit.