Xbox One - Sold out on Amazon Germany

The Xbox One is no longer available for pre order at Amazon germany.

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bout time i suppose. isnt the xbone one month away?

thrust1728d ago

MS have flooded the 13 countries with Xbox one they are releasing in, this is good news.

Selling out everywhere now, going to be impressive numbers.

ThanatosDMC1728d ago

It's easy to sell 5 or 10 new consoles.

XboxFun1728d ago

Good to hear. Xbox One is definitely catching up thanks to the reversals and the excellent looking launch line up the Xbox One has.
There is no doubt that it's going to be a close fight this gen with Xbox One definitely taking it like they did this gen.

Xbox One day One.

neoMAXMLC1728d ago

"with Xbox One definitely taking it like they did this gen. "

Yeah.... Being last in sales sure made them a winner.

jgrigs091728d ago

Um, he wasn't talking about by the time it's released. I think he is referring too, in general taking it?

neoMAXMLC1728d ago

I wasn't referring to that either...

And uh.. in general? General what? It doesn't have the highest rated exclusives and it didn't sell the most units out of the three systems of this gen.


About that:
PS2: 157m
Xbox: 24m

PS3: 80+
X360: 80+

Comparing this gen to the previous (especially vs all the market that Sony lost) being last in sales never looked better for MS

neoMAXMLC1728d ago

I only look at that as grasping for straws. Each generation is always going to have a completely different out come. Microsoft's best attempt still made them end up in last place. Sony's first attempt took over the industry.

Gamer6661728d ago

From XB generation to XB360 generation, Microsoft gained a drastic level of market share...

From the PS2 generation to PS3 generation, sony lost a drastic level of market share.

Also, you have to wonder how many "real" numbers of consoles there are for each console... RRoD, many console redesigns, console storage size changes, AAA collector bundles, etc. The difference between 80m and 79m for PS3 and X360 may actual be zero.

xDHAV0K24x1728d ago


They wanted market share they couldnt tap into in the 5th gen. To say their 8+ yr 360 tenure doesn't make them a 'winner' is idiotic

neoMAXMLC1727d ago

It made them successful... but a winner against the competition?


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FlameHawk1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Close fight? LOL
PS4 is #2 in the best sellers
PS4 Killzone bundle is #20
PS4 Driveclub bundle is #43

While the Xbox Day One bundle is #21
and the Xbox doesn't have any other bundles in the 2013 best sellers so far.
That is nowhere near a "close fight".
EDIT: jgrigs09, on Amazon Germany. (#2 and #20) (#21, just like the article says sold out) (#43)
The truth hurts doesnt it jgrigs.

jgrigs091728d ago

On what site? ALL THE SITES? no....

thrust1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Jgrigs just agree, it's easier he will see when they are released and the gap is not millions like they think.

It's the same with the specs and games.

Plus this is nothin to do with ps4.... It's an illness!

jgrigs091728d ago

Also all PS4 bundles that had game delays have been discontinued in retail stores. Or some stores will offer another game. So pull that best seller shit out of your comment.

WarThunder1728d ago

X1 never was in to 15 best selling on Amazon Germany. I don't how it sold out maybe their supplies of X1 were 5 or 10 consoles... lol

Pogmathoin1728d ago

Flamehawk, if this is what you do for a living, scour the net for sales numbers..... no more needs to be said...

FlameHawk1728d ago

@PS4beaver, you mean searching for 10 seconds and copying and pasting a couple of links in which in total took around 2 minutes to do? Wow I didn't know I had only 2 minutes to live, oh wait I would be dead by now umm...

Pogmathoin1728d ago

So you admit to looking at preorders numbers... indeed how sad, and judging by your agrees and my disagrees, what an infantile industry we are... reduced to such pathetic squabbles, but regardless, have fun with your choice of console, games.... that should be the bottom line.... I do not see this with Corolla/Civic..... its just choices, perspectives.... we here just make it all look so childish........ People complained about Mass Effect 3 ending.... no one complains about the end in movies... makes them change it.....

xDHAV0K24x1728d ago


Since when has a kz game been a console seller? NEVER. 4th time a charm?

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mandf1728d ago

You do know xbox 360 is in last place worldwide. Beaten by two consoles that came out over a year after the 360. That is the definition of losing.

Dread1728d ago

I respecfully disagree.

Last gen spny had the market cornered with aprox. 75%

now they lost lots of ground to MS, they are almost evenly split in market shares this gen at something like 35% each.

For example PLasyatation 2 sold aprox 150 million units and the Plasyattion 3 has sold about half that sum

While the Original xbox sold aprox 30 million and the 360 more than doubled that.

That my friend is the definition of loosing.

vinniects1728d ago

depends on how you look at the numbers. how many customers did Microsoft gain during the 360 era vs. how many customers sony lost during the ps3 era. that's how this next gen is going to see who wins too.

Captain Qwark 91728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

no doubt they lost but they still have solid sales which are nearly equal to sony despite not being able to penatrate the second largest gaming market japan. this is also going against two companies that each have a decade more experience in the market, more ips, and more classics.

they may have lost but its not by much, if they got obliterated that would be bad but they didnt and continue to establish themselves. its also almost a guarantee that they will take second in this upcoming gen too. not bad for a 3rd console while the others are on 4 and 6

and to top ot off, their product continues to grow. they went from somewhere around 20 million units with the original, to 80 million with the 360. took a good chunk of the market away from sony and nintendo and show few signs of slowing down despite the backlash earlier this year. 4x the growth hardly defines losing

stiggs1728d ago

@ mandf

The original XBOX sold approximately 24 million units. The XBOX 360 has sold over 80 million units and counting.

I don't think that any corporation would ever consider a 300% increase in sales as "losing"?

Fanboys on the other hand...



PS2: 157m
Xbox: 24m

PS3: 80+
X360: 80+

I think your definition of losing is a little bit wrong

mandf1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

All those that replied to me are partially correct. This gen market has grown from last gen We went from just a little bit less than 200million sold to 260 million. Market share this gen is the topic not who gained th e most market share that is nintendo. kudos to the xbox brand for their success but they are still in last place and haven't won the top market share this gen. success they have but that is it. Only once this gen is over then we can say who has won or lost.

ThanatosDMC1728d ago

You make it sound like RROD didnt happen. Are you MS, who brushed it under a dirty stinky rug?

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