Pokemon X and Y Review | GB

"There is something about Pokemon that most outside observers do not know- those who have never been a part of the phenomenon most likely only see it as a cynical cash grab, with endless refreshes for the video games, a never ending anime, a line of merchandise that never seems to end, a trading card game that won't go away, and annual movie releases."

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malokevi1796d ago

My brother got a 3DS for this exact reason. Also picked up 3d Ocarina with it, too. After seeing it in action... I'm highly tempted to stab him and take it.

His impression: The best one since red/blue. Which are unbeatable simple because of the nostalgia factor.

TearsOfARapper1796d ago

I bought a 3DS for this game and thought, I'll have to go back and play Black/White (1&2) since I got rid of my DS after Platinum. After spending an hour with this game, I immediately realized that there's almost no way I can go back, play the older ones, and still enjoy them. X & Y are just too good.