Will remastered PS3 games be a regular fixture on PS4?

PS4 Attitude: "As I played Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix last week, I was struck by an intriguing thought; will the trend of re-releasing PS3 games on PS4 remain throughout the latter console’s entire lifespan, in the same way that PS2 games continue to be remastered for PS3?

I can’t be the first person in the world to wonder this, but it’s certainly an interesting idea. Just imagine, in a few years’ time, playing the Uncharted trilogy on PS4, fully optimised for the system, with 1080p visuals at 60fps. It sounds far-fetched, until you remember that only two and a half years separated the release of God of War II on PS2 and the God of War Collection on PS3."

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GarrusVakarian1728d ago

I wouldn't complain.

The Last Of Us, God Of War 3, B2S, Uncharted 1,2+3 all in 1080p 60fps? I would love that.

xHeavYx1728d ago


I just hope that, somehow, the PS4 knows if you bought the game for the PS3 and gives you a discount. I'm keeping my PS3 to play MP mostly (TLOU, GTA) so it would be great if I could just use the PS4 for that

GarrusVakarian1728d ago

I guess it could tell from your trophies? And give you a discount based on that. I hope, anyway.

UnHoly_One1728d ago

Highly unlikely.

Unless you downloaded it from the Playstation store, they can't verify that you purchased it.

As far as they can tell from your play history you could have just rented it or borrowed it from a friend.

SuperBlur1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

*Unholy , they can tell if you own the disc based version , it could be similar to how Activision / EA / Ubisoft /WB are planning to do their "upgrade to next gen for just 10$" promo.

put the ps3 disc in ps4 , ps4 recognize the copy and unlock the discount on the ps store

FlameHawk1728d ago

@ NoRage, thats because they come with a code, UnHoly is right, its not going to happen.

ABizzel11728d ago

I doubt they'll be able to tell anything like that again unless you bought it digitally, so most games would probably be handled like the HD Collections, but the problem with that is PS3 games like Uncharted 3 were 50GB as well.

So they'll probably be something like $40 (1080p @ 60fps):

Uncharted Collection
Dream Collection (Heavy Rain + Beyond)


ipach1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

they could have you put the PS3 disc in the tray and then let you play a download version on PS4 like they are doing with the $10 upgrade program...

for PSN purchases they would already know you own it and could then just give you the game or a nominal fee for the upgrade...

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sprinterboy1728d ago

Wouldn't buy them myself but for 360 owners who are thinking of buying ps4 also who never bought ps3 it's good for them to get the chance to play some gems plus more profit for the devs

Anon19741728d ago

I wouldn't complain. A good game is a good game, no matter when it came out. I'm just getting around to playing Shadow of the Colossus now on my PS3 thanks to a PSN+ promo. I can't remember why I missed this title the first time around but I'm happy I have the opportunity to try it out. I missed Psychonauts originally as well, and if it hadn't been made available on the 360 I would have missed out on a great game.

I have no issue with games being ported over to new systems. What I would like to see is credit though for games I already purchased. If I own Flower already, for example, even though I know time and effort went in to upgrading for the PS4, I wouldn't mind some kind of special, upgrade pricing or something. I don't think it'll happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Mr Pumblechook1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I love that digitally downloaded games will be cross-play meaning you buy once and get to play it on all 3 PlayStation platforms.

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WeAreLegion1728d ago

I hope so! Especially if they keep up this cross-buy program. :D

RiPPn1728d ago

Came to say this, 100% agree, if I don't have to rebuy them, bring them on!

ziggurcat1728d ago

maybe in the beginning, but i imagine after a year we won't see any of this going on.

DigitalRaptor1728d ago

Yeah for sure.

They are offering all of these ports free of charge to existing owners. They can't keep producing enhanced ports and handing them out for free, not that I would complain about that.

secretcode1728d ago

As someone who didn't play a single PS3 title outside of Journey this generation (or even bought a PS3) and regrets it highly, I'd be all for it IF they are reasonably priced. Releasing years old titles as $40 "new" games like certain other companies tried this generation? Hell no. $15-25 online purchases? I'd be all for that. I've been wanting to try the Uncharted series outside of the Vita title...

GarrusVakarian1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

So...are you telling me that..... you haven't played any of the glorious exclusives apart from journey?

secretcode1728d ago

Yes, that is precisely what I just stated. I always meant to pick up the PS3, but never got around to it and I reaaaaally can't justify spending $250+ to get a console right now when I'm going to spend $500+ on the PS4/accessories/games in little under a mo-

-Oh my God, it's under a month.

bjmartynhak1728d ago

It is my thought with Xbox One when get it down the road.

OT: Uncharted, The Last of Us and God of War 1080... I can get these titles again if reasonably priced.

I would pay $60 at launch for a complete collection (Uncharted trilogy or every single God of War game)

kingxtreme811728d ago

I hope so.

A lot of great games this generation had technical issues. Frame rate drops, screen tearing, sub-HD resolution, jaggies, etc.

It would be great to see those issues cleaned up in re-released versions, IMO.

Could also help some games that have since gone out of print if they were either re-released, or simply made available on the PS Store.

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