Madden NFL 09 LE not seeing a PAL release? - Dimorphic360

Dimorphic360 writes:

"It seems that Australia once again is getting shafted when it comes to limited edition releases of games. First Mass Effect and Devil May Cry 4 were given cut down limited edtion releases (in the case of Mass Effect we only got a small pre-order bonus) and the limited edition bundle of EA Sports Madden franchise looks like the next in line..."

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perseus3892d ago

I get annoyed at missing out on games in Japan, because I'd like more FPSs for my Wii. But the Japanese Wii audience seems not to be interested in FPSs, so I bought a PS3. PS3 users love FPSs here, so I'm good.

Aussies have a lot of great games, and when Rugby 2009 gets released, they'll be all over it. But how many Aussies care about Madden? It has nothing to do with principles, it has to do with principal: money.

Why would any company release a game in a country where it won't do well? I know it's annoying, but Christ, people. Get a grip.

It ain't all about you.

Superfragilistic3890d ago

The article whilst written with an Australian perspective actually concerns all PAL regions. That includes UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

So in terms of principles, surely the size of the PAL market, and the importance that EA Sports has placed on it in recent times, meets your key principle of money.

mindedone3892d ago

I didn't even know there WERE LE's of Madden. I personally don't buy Limited or special edition copies of games if I can afford it. The last and only one I got was for FFXII, only because it was the only copy available when I came in.

Superfragilistic3890d ago

I hear you when talking about LEs, because in general they're a waste of time and money. But the Madden one looks something special as it includes the full retail game Head Coach 09, on top of all those other extras.