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OnlySP: It’s a battle as old as the ages. Well, not actually, but it’s as old as dedicated home consoles. The Console Wars. I can see them now – the big manufacturers, dramatically standing atop a storm-swept mountain, lightning loudly crashing, silhouetting their gleaming armour upon the rimed clouds, prepared for mortal combat. There is probably some dramatic crescendo of drums playing in the background. And, as always, there can only be one.

Screw that.

The console wars is one of the stupidest conflicts in gaming.

Microsoft? Sony? Nintendo? Who cares. They all play games.

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zippycup1729d ago

sadly it will never stop people just like fighting over nothing get whatever console you want and be happy about it

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Last_Boss1728d ago

Best gaming to you ALL!!

123pol1728d ago

Monopolies are not always bad.
if ther only was one console there would be no fanwars.. all titles would come on that platform and not "console exclusives " so you had to buy 2 consoles just so you could choose freely witch game you'd like to play.

and wichfull thinking.
-If there only was one console that console maker would make tons of money witch in return could evolve that platform to greatness. and release more games thanks to all the money.

zero_gamer1728d ago

Not to mention more expensive, less powerful consoles with less features and way more expensive games.

djplonker1728d ago

where are all the exclusive 360 games then going by that logic?

XisThatKid1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

C'mon, you really think this article is ganna get views....this is N4G.

This is going to get less "degees" than a Wii U come back article WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOHHHH!!!