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GIZORAMA - If there’s one thing Nintendo should be commended for its the strength of their exclusive franchises. From The Legend of Zelda to Super Smash Bros to Mario Kart and beyond, Nintendo almost always seems to find a way to modernise these flagship series’ without losing their retro, nostalgic appeal. However there are exceptions to every rule and up until now the long running Pokémon series has been a prime example. Sticking firmly with many of the aspects of the franchises debut titles from 1996, it could be argued that the series had begun to stagnate a little in recent times, with new Pokémon and some adapted features being somewhat overshadowed by similar game mechanics and outdated elements from the older entries. However, luckily for both newcomers and long term fans, Pokémon X/Y is the evolution that the series has been levelling up towards.

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