The Last Of Us And BioShock: Infinite, Two Perfectly-(Over)Rated Games

An opinion piece via eGamer in which the author attempts to explain why he believes that The Last of Us and BioShock: Infinite, both games that have received sterling praise this year, might be a little undeserving of such esteemed honours as perfect ratings. Further, he goes on to explain why our standards might be dropping as we edge closer towards GotY territory, with just a handful of contenders.

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j-blaze1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

TLoU is overrated, way overrated, played much better games than this

@ xHeavYx

how would i know? i played the damn game that's how, the game was nothing special nor revolutionary as some i said before, it was one huge stealth/escort mission with a very simple story, it had bugs, it had stupid AI issues, add to that the visuals weren't THAT great.. still don't the perfect scores it got

xHeavYx1547d ago

How would you know? You only use your 2 bubbles to bash Sony-related articles. TLOU is a great game with a great story, don't be a hater just because you don't have anything similar on your console of choice

GarrusVakarian1547d ago

Do you actually want to say why you think its overrated or do you just want to troll? My guess is troll.

xHeavYx1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I fail to understand how someone can be put off by other people's anticipation of the game. I do have a few problems with some points though
1) "he AI is buggy, often getting stuck in tight spaces, making it impossible to properly navigate these areas" Seriously? This is the first time I hear someone complaint about this, never happened to me, even after 5 playthroughs.

2) "The AI also has a knack for getting me caught while stealthing through areas, mostly because they push over objects that cause alerts to enemies"
Again, something that never happened to me, in fact, most publications said that a negative of this game was the AI not being spotted by the enemy

3) "The epilogue of the game feels somewhat dissonant, alienating the character of Joel, showing a different side to him that wasn’t present throughout the rest of the game."
Wow, just wow, you did not get this game at all, no wonder you feel it is overrated... SMH

4) "was it a ten-out-of-ten game? Son, you’re out of your ...... mind"
Right, this just shows the level of maturity of this "journalist"

iamnsuperman1547d ago

" "The epilogue of the game feels somewhat dissonant, alienating the character of Joel, showing a different side to him that wasn’t present throughout the rest of the game."

That was my biggest gripe about this article because it has everything to do with the story and how Joel and Ellie bonded throughout the game (it is such a pivotal scene to explain Joel as a character and also links back to the end of the game). Either the guy never played it past an hour(unlikely) or he completely missed the point (more likely but I can't understand how)

iamnsuperman1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I get the AI issues of The Last of Us (I didn't experience any with the enemy seeing me) but the AI issues with Ellie not being seen is see more of a good design. In a perfect world it wouldn't happen but we are at the end of a generation. I haven't had any issues with the enemy being buggy though.

I think The Last of Us is a game of the generation because it pushed everything to do with story and storytelling to something we haven't seen before (by the way the opening is very relatable to the overall story). Its multiplayer actually fitted well with the theme and the mechanics made sense and didn't feel out of place. I really love the big theme of subtly. Nearly every game has missed that being subtle is the best way to go about telling a story or introducing mechanics.

GarrusVakarian1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Sometimes we take videogames for granted, when you look at a game like TLOU and how much it drips with quality, you realise how lucky you are to be able to play videogames. Some people don't have this luxury.

Overrated? That's your opinion, but i haven't played anything quite like it. Watch the making of TLOU and you will appreciate it even more. The amount of work that goes into these games is amazing.