Uncharted Needs a New Protagonist on PlayStation Vita

There is no doubt that Uncharted is among the top franchises in PlayStation's catalog, but it is time for Nathan Drake to sit out of the series' future on PS Vita.

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xHeavYx1759d ago

Maybe the PS Vita version should have a new, younger protagonist, then UC 4 would have Nate, but this new protagonist would be a secondary character that ends up taking the place as the main protagonist at the end. So for Uncharted 5, instead of Nate/Sully you'd have new guy/Nate, with Nate being the mentor

BrianSharon1759d ago

That's a great idea! As a fan of both the franchise and the character the future of the series moving forward scares me; especially on Vita.

FriedGoat1757d ago

This is a BAD idea, this is EXACTLY how they go wrong on film sequels. Indiana Jones Crystal Skull new young protagonist? TERRIBLE. Die Hard 5 new protagonist? TERRIBLE. New protagonists are stupid, make a new IP if your going to do that. I want Nathan Drake.

-Foxtrot1758d ago

I would NEVER want a new guy to replace's then not Uncharted

I don't mind spin offs doing it but not main games

Sully's younger days should be on the PSV or maybe Cutter/Chole.

BrianSharon1758d ago

That's just it, Golden Abyss isn't a main game due to its lack of a number. The PlayStation Vita is a capable system, but not of competing with the PS4. Any games comparable to the console counterparts will be disappointing due to unfair parallels drawn between the titles.

Give Chloe, Chase, Sully, or someone else a chance in the portable spotlight.

Stsonic1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

New guy/Nate/Greatgrandpuppy Sullivan

What would also be quite cool is exploring more of Nate at say 16-18 years when he first takes a bad guys life and have Sullivan as the 45 year old hot head. Similar to the start of Uncharted 3 but a bit older.

italkgame1758d ago

In my opinion there is enough room in the Uncharted Universe lore to keep Nathan Drake as the main protagonist for Vita entries in the franchise.

But I would love to see Sony do a Nintendo thing with more of it's succesful IPs, similarly to how the Vita version of Batman Arkham Origins(with Blackgate)offers a different type of game and thus gameplay or how the cardgame for Golden Abys expanded the Uncharted universe.

tubers1758d ago

Would be funny and cool if a woman instead.

Gravity Rush and AC3L :)

The VITA needs a new game, period.

xHeavYx1758d ago

I don't know about a woman, certain people who don't own a PlayStation gaming machine would complaint that they want to rip off Tomb Raider

tubers1758d ago


Fair enough lol.

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leahcim1759d ago

would be amazing a new Uncharted Vita
Golden Abyss is just PERFECT!

ziggurcat1759d ago

uh... it's uncharted. it would not be uncharted if it wasn't nathan drake.

ABeastNamedTariq1759d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I personally would like Sir Francis Drake for UC4. As long as he resembled Nate, lol.



Damn. It's been a long time since I played UC3, lol sorry.

Welp. I'm at a loss for ideas. Nate Drake 4EVER then!

iamnsuperman1758d ago


But we found out in 3 that he isn't related to Sir Francis Drake so it wouldn't make sense (he came up with the name himself)

phantomexe1758d ago

Thank you... what's uncharted without drake. i was reading some of those comments thinking wtf,why would that even seem like a good idea. Like coolaid with no sugar.

LOGICWINS1758d ago

Ive heard this argument before with Cole and Infamous.

iamnsuperman1758d ago


I still feel like that with Cole and the new inFamous. I love the inFamous mini franchise but for me the story ended with the second. I will still get the next one but I hope the story doesn't ruin what has happened before (it is bad enough how "convenient" the set up is for the next one)

LOGICWINS1758d ago

^^Although Sucker Punch doesnt want to admit it, Second Sun is set in an ENTIRELY different universe where Cole, Zeke, Trish, and Kuo never existed. Infamous has become an anthology (concept of superheroes remains the same, but the characters change). This is how Sucker Punch plans to keep the series fresh.

LOGICWINS1758d ago

Nathan could easily be replaced by another cocky dark hairred white guy. As long as the concept remains the same, the next Uncharted protagonist could be Sir Francis Drake, a young Sully, or anyone else pretty much...and Im betting ud still buy it too.

phantomexe1758d ago

I'd bet your full of it logic but you normally are which is why i seldom respond to what you post. The games are about drake and sullys adventures and the crap they get there selfs into.

LOGICWINS1758d ago

No, Uncharted is a popcorn action adventure movie in videogame form. Drake and Sully are merely the characters that drive the action. They can be replaced easily, especially considering that their story ended in UC3 as every loose end in the franchise was closed. Drakes lineage or lack thereof to Drake is explained and him and Elena are together again.

Dont be surprised if Nathan isnt the lead for UC4(if that game even exists).

phantomexe1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

There nothing to suggest that drakes going just settle down at the end of uncharted. He geting married or so the game looks but that dosn't mean he done or that the series with him in it is over. Each uncharted game is a self contained story.i'm not sure why they even number it.When it comes to infamous which i don't really follow to much ,sucker punch said there are lots of references to cole in second son. In fact they said the events from good cole are the reason for them going in the direction they did. I'm unsure where you get entirely different universe when it's still related but your entitled to your opinion.

Pancit_Canton1759d ago

Uncharted needs more supporting character or villian, but new protagonist. Hell no.

Dno1758d ago

How come Nintendo can use the same main character for 25 years and no one complains but sony can't?

Drake needs to stay tuvm.

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