A temporary revolution: our tribute to Nintendo’s Wii

Edge:Wii shouldn’t have worked. Its name, its controller, its outdated innards, a launch line-up without Mario. It was, of course, a sensation for the very same reasons. For a few golden years following its launch in 2006, Nintendo was single-handedly responsible for the game industry’s spectacular growth. Xbox 360 and PS3 preached to the converted; they were more of the same, just bigger, more powerful and more connected. In 2013, as we sit on the verge of a new generation, that sounds awfully familiar.

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MONKEYDLUFFY1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The Wii was an awesome. People hated on it for appealing to casuals. Why shouldn't people other than hardcore gamers be able to play fun games? The gaming community is incredibly self centered. Plus it was home to some of the best hardcore games ever

darthv721800d ago

Agreed. The wii will be most remembered for its motion controls and casual appeal but those who really are into games will know there are a slew of hidden gems on this platform.

Not just on disc either but in their wiiware service as well. the rebirth series from konami is a set of retro rebuilds that older gamers will know and love while younger gamers should play to get a better feel for the retro tone these games shoot for.

MiHX21798d ago

I am an hardcore gamer,And i liked the Wii.I own it right now.Still enjoying it :)