OtakuDome: Cabela's African Adventures Review

Otaku Dome's Cabela's African Adventures Review:

Cabela is back and this time it’s in Africa, does this game continue Cabela’s past success? Read on in our review to find out.

Cabela’s African Adventures is a 2013 hunting/game simulator, it is avaible on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 PC, and Wii.

THE GOOD: Cabela’s African Adventures is fun when you can make it to a mission, or just decide on going sight seeing/exploring. The open world map really helps bring the feeling that you are indeed in the wilds of Africa, or some nearly deserted terrain full of nothing but dangerous animals as companions. The story involves the player character trying to clear out the wilds of said dangerous animals so a greedy man can locate three pieces of a lost treasure belonging to the locales. Along the way you find animals such as a wildebeast, elephant, lions, hyenas, and more. There’s also a shooting gallery mode for players feeling a bit ‘arcadey’. The addition of a skill tree also provided different styles of gameplay to use for players

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brianunfried1796d ago

I only really like the galleries in Cabela's games, mindless fun. I'm disappointed they dropped PS Move support.

Skate-AK1795d ago

Yeah that is dumb. Probably trying to push their own peripheral.

OtakuDome1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Most likely, I almost forgot Cabela had their own controllers. I'm shocked they didn't attempt to bundle one with this game, unless they did for the Wii version and I missed.