Twentieth Century Fox Trademarks Aliens: Isolation

Fox seems to have bookmarked a new Aliens game titled Aliens: Isolation. There has been no word yet on the platform or even the developer, however SEGA does still own the rights to the series.

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obelix011370d ago

Aliens has so much potential. A great survival horror experience is certainly possible. Hopefully this wont be a action adventure game billed as a survival horror.

Royzoga1370d ago

Honestly, I thought Aliens Vs Predator, the most recent one, wasn't terrible. The Marines scenarios were always intense because there were always so many Xenomorphs!

obelix011370d ago

I never played. Alien Vs Predator. I did play Aliens Colonial Marines & that was terrible. It was one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

barb_wire1370d ago

Hopefully, Gearbox or whoever it was, gets no where near it.

Douchebag6961370d ago

They should make this similar in vein to the original Resident Evil. More of survival type game. So far these have been pretty disappointing. As stated earlier, so much potential.

Animal Mutha 761370d ago

For Gods sake don't let Pitchford near it.

Dante811370d ago

They'd use the money to work on Borderlands 3

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