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BT - "Valhalla Knights is a third-person action-RPG series that first began back on the PSP. As an owner of that particular system, I did indeed play the first VK title, but what I found was a game whose only remarkable feature was just how unremarkable it was. From graphics to gameplay to story, the game was completely generic. So when somehow it sold well enough to produce a sequel I decided to give Valhalla Knights 2 a miss. From what I have heard from those who did bother to play the game, I made the right call."

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Dakriz1800d ago

Just awful so much potencial wasted on talentless developers and a system that needs good games to grow and all we get is crap, Sony needs gamers to manage there vita side of the busyness so that side could grow and become a reality.

izumo_lee1800d ago

Kinda figured that this game will get low scores cause it is a game catered to the Japanese otaku market with all the fan service this game has.

Over here in the west i have noticed that these types of games are generally less favored cause of the what some say are 'sexualized', 'perverted' aspects which i find uncalled for. I am surprise how so many reviewers fail to look past the 'fan service' in these Japanese games...just look at Dragons's Crown for an example of this.

There is nothing wrong with fan service if these western reviewers take to an account who these games are catered for.

fsfsxii1800d ago

People are idiots. They complain about pixelated tits and moan about them, yet, TV is littered with sex scenes and whatnot.
Gamers are the worst.

kB01799d ago

Although u have truth in your words, you miss the important part of reviewing.

To each his own.

You can't hate some1 simply because the gameplay doesn't match your own taste. I mean this is what makes the west differ from the east.

I personally returned it when I saw the reviews. I did enjoy the first on the PSP but eventually got bored of the second.

This is the type of game you either love or hate, much like the dynasty warrior series. It won't appeal to some people, nor would the the constant releases from the series (1-8 etc). Much like COD has been worn thin among others.

I think you should buy the game if it's your style and rate it as low as you want if its not.

You can't censor an opinion simply because they do not fit the audience.

I loved Persona 4, and still play it, yet my friend dislikes the game even though he liked Persona 1.

So to each his own:)