Game Guys Review: Nintendo 2DS

While Nintendo struggles to capture the attention of video game players in the home console business, its handheld gaming system has taken off.

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mcstorm1797d ago

Good review and I think the 2DS is a great idea for Nintendo too as it will be good for the parents who don't or are worried about the 3d screen for kids eyes and also want to pickup a low price DS.

I also picked one up for my other half as I cant get near my 3DS at the moment and as she dose not use the 3D side this was the perfect present for her.

gusgusjr1797d ago

I'm also thinking of getting one. Now that the 3ds library has gotten larger. With next gen around the corner I'm trying to hold off until early next year.

jeffgoldwin1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

3d being bad for your eyes, ya theres no such thing as that. File that one with other old wives tales such as sitting too close to the tv with make your vision go bad. Or that carrots will help your vision improve. Google it or ask your eye doctor if you don't beiieve me. Ive done both. : P

Now I have heard a very small percent of people get headaches from 3d, but Im not sure if thats psychological there or what.

Tiqila1797d ago

still looks like a toast

Nerdmaster1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

People complain that the 2DS screens aren't protected as the 3DS ones, but I never saw a review about Vita complaining about that, and it's supposed to be "the best portable ever - hardware-wise".

hellvaguy1797d ago

Was best ever. Nvidia shield hardware is faster. Lol now dont start trolling me on exclusives. Just said hardware.