Revisited: Lair

Gamespot writes: "Eight months and 256 MB of data add minor control improvements, but can't rescue Lair from the fiery abyss."

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sammy_mantra3863d ago

the site that gave Ratchet a 7.5 and Uncharted 8.0

seriously what do people expect from that horrible anti-Sony website

Surfman3863d ago

youre right, Gamespot is dead for me.

Xbox is the BEST3863d ago

it be that those 2 are just average games?

darkdoom30003863d ago

No way. Ratchet----mabye. but that cause ive played every sigle ratchet game, and its getting to much of the same.

but Uncharted is awesome. def deserves more than a 8! 8.8 at least!

but it is a matter of opionion.

SL1M DADDY3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Coming from somebody with a name like yours, I can see why you would say such thinkgs. You haven't played them so I won't bother but I will say one thing, they are far from average games. Last I checked, even 7.5 and 8 out of 10 was well above average.

callahan093863d ago

Ratchet & Uncharted average games? It's pricks like those GameSpot reviewers that criticize truly talented and hard working creative people while they themselves create nothing of value. I find their reviews of each of those two games to be absolutely demeaning to the hard work and effort put into those games by so many people. Average games? My foot! Those games are exemplary in their field, with amazing technology and art, fun game design, and great writing. To undermine the efforts of the teams who created them is despicable. I have scarcely played more charming games than either of the two and I've had an amazing amount of fun playing them over the past 6 months or so.

Xbox is the BEST3863d ago

I did play those games and they are average, sorry but it's the truth

callahan093863d ago

Seriously... what do you mean average? Those games have incredibly precise & response controls, detailed and immersive level design, phenomenal art, technology, graphics, and animation, a lot of charm & wit and interesting stories. What is "average" about them? If you think they're average games, I'd love to know what some other average games are, in your estimation. Could you name a few, please?

Lucreto3863d ago

@Xbox is the BEST It will be saying the big 3 on the 360 (Halo 3, Gear and Bioshock)are average and just overhyped. Actually I find (Resistance, Uncharted and Ratchet) far better games that were undervalued.

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Jayson 3603863d ago

Ratchet&Lair are next on my to buy list,its good to know that theirs an Analog stick update,but I'm going to try it without the Analog controls

The Killer3863d ago

or is it u want more bubbles? because i remember u were the biggest fanboy of 360 and very blinded one also! so can u explain the changes?
just curious.

spandexxking3863d ago

i dont think its the same guy

dsolomon8183863d ago

The sixaxis controls=fail, try em out but you'll switch to analog quick

Skater3863d ago

I tried the demo (in Hong Kong PS store) and the sixaxis controls aren't absolutely terrible, they just take time getting used to. The demo also lets you choose analog control so I suggest to anyone curious about this game, go check out the demo in the Hong Kong store. And don't worry, it's entirely in English, even the voice acting.

TomMcBaum3863d ago

I tried the analog controls and, I have to say, I still prefer the motion controls. Now that the "dash" Sixaxis motion has been eliminated (it's now *only* a button on the d-pad), the motion scheme works much better (and practice helps too, of course). As the article notes, the 180-degree turn is now much easier to execute. I never really understood why everyone hated Lair so much. Beautiful graphics, great music, interesting story, and a fairly innovative (and fun) control method. I have no problem imagining that a fire-breathing dragon can be a little tricky to control at times.

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